Freeza's small pod and trunks time machine, Son Goku who became Super Saiyan God to the legendary Super Saiyan people globally Dragon Ball Figure Summary

Companies and individuals bring in the latest figures "Wonder Festival 2017 [Summer]"By combining with character figures, such as" Trunks' Time Machine "and" Freeza's Small Pod "that appear in that Dragon Ball, it will be possible for the vehicle figure to become more fun than doubling, such as the garly and the super giant God who became Super Saiyan God A new figure was also being exhibited.

Plastic model "Dragon Ball" series | Bandai Hobby Site

So arrive at the Bandai booth

From the series "Figure-riseMechanics", it seems that the ride-based mechanisms appearing in Dragon Ball are three-dimensionalized.

As a "pride to mecha", Bandai Hobby's barely obsessive features are boldly stated ... ...

It is said that it is making the imagination more fulfilling by thoroughly making up the detail inside the mechanism which is not drawn by manga and animation.

"Trunks Time Machine" actually on sale was exhibited to peek inside. .

actually"Super Saiyan TrunksWith this feeling, it is also possible to reproduce the trunks that travel on time.

The size is 300 mm in total height,Sold for 7344 yen including taxis.

And this is "freeza's small pod".

The first form freezer which is hidden in the shadow of the pod is sitting ....

It is also possible to put it like this. Incidentally,Price is on sale at 3456 yen including taxis.

Moreover, there is also the "Saiyan Spaceship Pod" that rides when the Sayers such as Raditz and Vegeta attack the Earth.

This is a set of vegetables with a scouter when you came to the earth.

Incidentally,The price is 4104 yen including tax, on saleis.

In addition, from "Figure-riseStandard" of the action plastic model series, from the reference exhibition "Legendary Super Saiyan Brolly"

That overwhelming sense of hopeless at the time of the appearance of the brolly is resurrected ... ....

In addition, this is Son Goku of Super Saiyan God state of reference exhibition.

It seems that the Super Saiyan version of the transformation form of the Saiyan who appears in "Dragon Ball movie" God and God "and the animation" Dragon Ball Ultra "makes the hair blue and the product name is" super Sayya God Super Saiyan Son Goku "has become.

Since it is an action plastic model, joints are made to move finely, and it is possible to reproduce the name scene etc. under construction.

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