A way of thinking when you know too much about "life" or "meaning to live", "an optimistic nihilism"

Due to the development of science, humans have deepened their physical understanding of the mechanisms of personal affairs. It is true that knowing the root cause of the event is right, but on the other hand, the more you know it, the more you know, "what is a human" or "what is the meaning of life really?" Although it is a natural consequence, there are not many people in the world who are falling into the pitfalls of losing sight of "the meaning of living" by grasping myself as a substance. We provide scientific animation movies one after anotherKurzgesagt - In a NutshellI will point out the concept of "optimistic nihilism" to point to people who have fallen into such a state and explain how "people I knew" should think about.

Optimistic Nihilism - YouTube

It can be said that human beings are not well understood and terrible. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, human beings who had "consciousness" began to recognize that they were living in strange places.

There are non-human creatures in the world ... ...

Creatures live by killing each other and eating.

There is "water" in the world, which is the source of life.

In the daytime the sun rises, giving "humanity" and the earth "warmth".

In the evening moon and stars float in the sky, creating beautiful scenery.

And by having the idea that "There is someone who is watching us in this world", human beings can recognize their whereabouts and have hope, they can live without confusion by removing fear It was.

However, as science gradually learns the structure of the universe, that idea will gradually be denied. It is no longer the stars in the night sky are shining for human beings but only substances of "existence", noticing that human beings are not in the center of the universe.

And humanity will become aware that microorganisms have evolved.

You know that the Earth is shining around a bright star with a medium size ......

We realize what was only a small part of the big galaxy.

Even the galaxy is actually part of a larger cluster of galaxies, and it has been revealed that there are hundreds of such cluster of galaxies in the universe.

And in the universe there are "super galaxy groups" where such cluster of galaxies gather. But even such a tremendous galaxy cluster, the limits human beings can know "Observable spaceThere is only what exists in ". No matter how many stars are in the universe, it is already beyond the limits of human perception. In other words, the universe is big enough to be understood.

Furthermore, it is the concept of "time" to distract people's perception.

If you can live to be 100 years old, the time of your life can be paraphrased as "5200 weeks".

If the current age is 25 years old, it is 3900 weeks left. Also, assuming that you are 70 years old and you will end your life, only 2350 weeks have been left.

When the last time of my life comes, people literally "stop functioning" and just return to nature.

However, from the flow of time in the universe, you can see that the time of one life is only a moment.

Even in such a universe, in the endThermal deathIt is thought that as the entropy of the universe is maximized, it will be in a state of not emitting any light and will have complete "death".

As we become aware of such things, we will be driven by the fear of "human beings and the world are only material entities, there is no meaning there." This is a term of philosophy called what "existential fear".

So the idea Kurzgesagt recommends is a nonscientific subjective viewpoint or "Kurzgesagt's philosophy". The idea of ​​confronting existential fear, that is "optimistic nihilism".

The idea is that, first of all, countless stars in the world are not actually made for human beings ... ...

It is said that we accept and accept that the time we live is very small if we look at the time of the universe. In other words, you will accept a bad joke that "human beings have consciousness to perceive that the universe does not exist for human beings".

The fact that life is only once is a terrible thing, but it also tells us that it is "free."

If the universe ends with thermal death, the human relations that I am suffering now are just a trivial event.

In that sense, it can be said that the mistakes that ran out in life also disappear at the end.

If life is "experience", even if the "principle" does not exist in the universe itself, you just have to find it yourself. Even if you do not find "purpose", you just have to decide what you want to live yourself.

It can be said that you only need to know about experiencing food and books, setting the sunset, and living with other people. In the first place, it can already be said that it is a miracle at the fact that you can think about that.

Even if you feel that you are lonely, you can see that it is wrong if you look at the broader eyes and the universe size.

Humans do not know why the laws of the universe are so, and why.

Also, we can not know the real reason for how life was born, and what life is.

And what is consciousness, alone in the universe, all that you do not understand, but you can have the will to know them.

Humans can aim at other stars, find ways to treat diseases, and can be happy feelings. Aiming at clearing the game can also be thought of as one of the same objectives as those. In other words, there are a lot of things left to do in life.

There may be people losing sight of the meaning of living by losing time.

However, considering that life is only once, there is no hand to enjoy. And you should live with as much happiness as possible.

Moreover, we can make other people happy ......

It can be said that it is even more happy when you can build the human universe era.

Finding what you want to do with your own will lead to deciding the meaning of your life.

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