There are two kinds of "popularity", and we tend to choose the popularity of wrong one

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People who have a lot of friends at SNS or getting a lot of "like" or "favorite" seem to be "popular". However, there are two types of popularity, researchers point out that people are just trying to gather popularity on SNS and people tend to ask for the popularity of wrong people. I like SNS! It is said that it will have a great influence on the happiness and the health condition later either by inviting a friend to invite friends and feeling well whether it will rush to get.

There are two kinds of popularity and we are choosing the wrong one - Quartz

Popularity Status Obsession Mitch Prinstein Interview

Researcher of psychology / neuroscience who studies "popularity" at the University of North CarolinaMitch PrinsteinIn June 2017, Mr.Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World"I published a book called. According to Mr. Prinstein, there is a popularity that the popularity is "favorable as a person" and hence the type popularity favorable to friends, and hence "it gains status in some way and has influence on others" Thing. And those who gather popularity of the former are finally healthy, building better relationships, satisfied with their work,Live longThere are trends, but the type of person seeking statusI suffer from symptoms such as anxiety and depression, I know that it is prone to addiction. Prinstein says, "Many of us are confused about the popularity of the two types and we are pursuing the wrong one."

A young generation who uses SNS such as Instagram is said to be particularly easy to ask for the popularity of wrong people. Along with the development of technology boys and girls are becoming to think that they want "to be aware", "I want you to accept", "I want you to accept", and it is easier to get a position than the method of "becoming a preferred person" In order to be there, I will find the status.

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As I grow older, people are "Social CapitalIt is gained by people's connections "and many people return to the idea that" becoming a preferred person is important ". However, in modern times, not only boys and girls but also people of all generations are concerned about their status and status, as if the youth is indeed forever continuing. "The world today is an everlasting high school life, if you do not care, you will have the rest of your life as though you were a high school student," Prinstein warned.

Some people are compatible with the two types of popularity "preferred person" and "position". However, it is said that there is a gender difference, and the ratio that men can be compatible with is high. movies"Mean · GirlsIn high schoolSchool casteA girl who is located at the apex and behaves dominantly will harass the hero. Like this movie, a girl with a beautiful and astounding popularity in the real world uses deliberate attacks that intentionally manipulate relationships with fellows and hurt others to keep their own power. It is a typical example of popular type of type that does not do "establish relationships" to get a position and dominates other people is "not a preferred person but has a status."

The beginning of such a problem dates back to the childhood of people. In childhood, boys are often encouraged to improve performance, but girls are socialized to build "good" human relationships. As a result, boys get hurt when they feel weak and passive, but they become hurt when they feel that girls are out of society because they are out of conformity. This is why girls are worse than juveniles when waging about friendship. Also, as this double standard continues, it is accepted that the gentleness of a successful woman is weak compared to men, that it is regarded as lack of order as making a directive, and that lack of familiarity is authoritative Become.

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Mr. Prinstein also said, "I was surprised that being hated or excluded would change our DNA, making it more susceptible to inflammatory diseases and viral diseases." . Therefore, parents need to make their children "preferred person", change the view of things, and remove the bias on popularity.A 40-year survey of 10,000 children in SwedenWe know that being a preferred person is easy to associate with future income and happiness, "Although it may be able to taste good feeling temporarily due to the popularity based on status, it is easy to invite the melancholy and unhealthy in the later stages of life You must tell your child that it is.

In addition, where the parents are in a different study was investigated whether we be involved if the "popularity" of children, children of mothers with popular easy to obtain the popular, unpopular mother of the children tend not popular It is also known. On the other hand, it is interesting that children of mothers who spent childhood when they are particularly concerned are also more likely to gain popularity. This is seen as helping parents not to let their children see the same eyes. This is the foundation of the idea that "parents can help as children can build real human relationships".

Even in order to teach children how to get better popularity, adults need to recognize that their view on "popularity" is biased, Instagram etc. "position" as "popular" Even if it seems, Prinstein suggests that it is necessary not to be bound by social hierarchy.

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