Review of the photo book 'One Plate Novel Guide' that reproduces the one plate eaten by the main characters of the novel

In the story, the foods eaten by the protagonists, such as Heidi's grilled cheese, Guri and

Gura's pancakes , and Laputa's bread, often leave a strong impression on the reader's mind. Dinah Fried 's 'Fictitious Dishes' reproduces the dining scene of the main characters of such a novel . It's not necessarily a 'tasty' food, such as Zamza's 'Hitozoku', the main character of 'Transformation' who suddenly became a pest one day, but the story feels like reading a novel, so read it carefully. It's a book you'll want to buy.

A plate of novel guide-Mar

This is the cover of a plate of novel information.

There are 136 pages in total, and the thickness is about this.

It is a 148 x 210 mm A5 lying down.

When I turned the page, the titles of the works covered in the book such as ' Heidi, Girl of the Alps ', 'Alice in Wonderland ', ' Peter Rabbit ', and ' Great Gatsby ' were lined up.

The 'Introduction' part, which talks about how the shooting proceeded, also has making photos, which is spectacular.

Table of contents page. The works covered in the book are as follows.

White Whale / On the Road / In Search of the Lost Time-Toward the Swan Family / Little Women / Secret Garden / Gulliver's Travels / Collections / Lolita / Rebecca / I Want Blue Eyes / Huckleberry Finn's Adventure / Named after / Sun full / Gone with the Wind / Gone with the Wind / Beesas and Naughty Ramona / Robinson Crusoe / Five-Dimensional World Adventure / Hundred Years of Solitude / The Road / Bovary Mrs. Sally's Kokemo Tsumumi / Alabama Story / Gordi Rocks and the Three Bears / Defeat Las Vegas! / Heidi / Middlesex / East of Eden / Transformation / Two Hearts River / Millennium-Dragon Tattoo Woman / American Psycho / Redhead Anne / Bell Jar / Oliver Twist / Alice in Wonderland / Cavalier & Clay's Amazing Adventure / Bread and Francis with Jam / Heartburn / Great Gatsby / Gravity Rainbow / Manuke Alliance / To the Lighthouse / Peter Rabbit Story / Lion and Witch / Motherless Brooklyn / Emma / Doll Valley / Ulysses

So, let's take a look at an example of the meal scene. First of all

, the youth novel 'On the Road '. The left page of the spread has a commentary, and the right page has a picture of the meal scene.

The photo shows ice cream, apple pie and black coffee. A photo with a slightly rough and retro texture is used.

At the top of the left page, you'll find the title of the work, the author, the year of publication, and the scene from which the photo was based. On the Road is an autobiographical novel by the author Jack Kerouac, during which Kerouac appears as 'Sal Paradise.' Paradise is a drinker but also a sweet tooth, eating ice cream and apple pie all the time while traveling across the United States.

From the photo, I can feel the handmade feeling of the pie produced by the American diner, but Fried said, 'I baked an apple pie for the first time in my life' for on the road. It was written on the 'Introduction' page of the guide.

At the bottom of the left page, there was a commentary on the theme work and some tips on ice cream and apple pie.

One scene extracted from '

Gulliver's Travels ' is the meal of Brobdingnag (adult country) people with an average height of about 22 meters and the meal of Gulliver prepared next to it. The skylark wings, which are 'nine times as big as a large grown turkey,' are reproduced by comparison with a miniature diet.

The preparation scenery looks like this.

From '

Lolita ', a middle-aged university professor who is crazy about girls, a drink that combines gin and pineapple juice. Lolita was refused publication by any publisher because it was too sexually perverted, and even after it was finally published in 1955, it was a work that did not attract much attention due to its esoteric content. From the photo, you can see the image of Humbert Humbert drinking a cold and sweet cocktail while thinking of Lolita on a hot afternoon.

The youth novel '

Catch in a rye field ', which depicts a 16-year-old boy wandering the streets of New York alone against an adult, says, 'When you eat somewhere outside, you usually have a Swiss cheese sandwich with malted milk. The dining scene of the main character, 'I'm sorry,' is reproduced. A plate on a plain fork and spoon. The sweet shake, black coffee, and alcohol are lined up together, which is a table unique to the main character that sways between adults and children. The author, Salinger's father, was an importer of ham and cheese.


Robinson Crusoe ' is a novel that became the model of the story of a ship wrecked and survived on an island. Melons and grapes lying on the island are spread on the sandy beach ...

During the actual shooting, he was surrounded by about 500 hungry seagulls.

Cheese bread prepared by the grandfather of 'Heidi, Girl of the Alps' that everyone once admires.

It's not a perfect finish like a food photo, but it's a little burnt, adding a mysterious persuasive power, 'I wonder if it was made by my grandfather ...'.

And Franz Kafka's '

transformation '. One day, my sister prepares a variety of foods for her brother who suddenly becomes a pest, but the main character, Zamza, eats rotten food rather than fresh food. Fried said he had collected weeks of leftover food to take pictures.

The photo is faithful to the texts such as 'The bones of the stiff dinner with white sauce' and 'A little almonds on the dried grapes' written in the film.

What is unusual and gorgeous is '

Great Gatsby '. A gorgeous dining table is reproduced from the story of Gatsby, a mysterious man who lives in a luxurious mansion and lives in a gorgeous glory. From cutlery such as knives and forks to salt and pepper shakers, luxurious items that are completely different from those caught in rye fields are used. The main character, Gatsby, became a millionaire by selling moonshine in the United States during Prohibition . New York-born cocktails ' martini ' are also lined up on the table.

The Queen

's Turkish Delight in 'The Lion and the Witch-The Chronicles of Narnia ' said, 'Everything was sweet and fluffy and felt more delicious than anything Edmund had ever eaten.' Food that spreads fantasy. It is reproduced with a cute finish that makes you wonder what it tastes like when you eat it.

Of course, this is also handmade by Mr. Fried. After making the work, Mr. Fried seems to be able to make Turkish Delight from scratch.

There was '

Peter Rabbit's story ', so I thought that my father who became a pie ...

Bread, milk, and black strawberry prepared for sisters other than Peter who were not hungry were on the plate. The plant-patterned tablecloths are made with cute, luxurious items such as gold-fringed plates.

In addition to this, there are various works from classics to recent works such as 'Alice in

Wonderland ', ' Millennium-The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ', ' American Psycho ', ' Redhead Anne ', ' Purple Noon ', and ' Mrs. Bovary '. The meal scene of the novel is reproduced, but it is rarely actually taken at the table, and it seems that it was taken on the floor as follows.

In addition, one plate of novel guide can be purchased at Amazon for 1998 yen including tax.

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