Unusually unusual "whole circle rainbow" is filmed in Russia

A worker who was in construction at a skyscraper / lactor center in the height of 462 meters in St. Petersburg, Russia, photographed a circular rainbow from the cockpit of a giant crane that was doing the building, became a hot topic I will.

Увидеть круглую радугу с небоскреба / Full circle Rainbow - YouTube

The movie starts from a viewpoint looking down on a huge crane. The ground is visible at the left end of the screen, and you can see that the shooting point is a considerably high position.

When you shoot the top of the rainbow, it looks like an ordinary semicircle rainbow like this.

It seems that the screen looks a bit darker because it shoots a rainbow over the window of the cockpit.

As you move the camera, you can see the "lower half of the rainbow" that is not normally seen clearly.

Furthermore, the construction scenery of the lactar center is at the foot. The rainbow is cut off at the shadow part of the huge crane that seems to have a photographer.

It seems that the distance to the rainbow was too close and I could not see the whole picture of the circle.

The same video is also posted on the Instagram account of Lacta Center.

Круглая радуга / Full circle Rainbow С высоких кранов Лахта Центра можно увидеть не только панорамы, но и интересные эффекты, о которых не догадываются низкоземные обитатели Например -. С такой высоты обычную радугу после дождя можно увидеть в новом виде - она ​​будет выглядеть не как привычная Арка, а как полный круг. # Lakhtacenter # лахтацентр # lakhta 360 # lakhtaview # ЛахтаЦентрНаучныхЭксперементов

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There is also a picture of a circular rainbow taken at Cottesloe Beach in Perugia near Australia in 2013. The picture was taken from a helicopter flying in the sunset and torrential rain, it is a phenomenon caused by sunlight being raindrops internally reflected, exactly different from the normal rainbow "Brocken's phenomenonIt is said that it was made by.

APOD: 2014 September 30 - A Full Circle Rainbow over Australia

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