FIELDOOR's "folding hammock" review hanging loosely in a hammock at home or outdoors

Hammocks need to hang on hooks placed between trees and trees and on walls, and the place where they can be installed will be limited. FIELDOOR's "Hammock" can hang a hammock on a foldable frame, "I want to be shaken by a hammock comfortably at home ..." "I want to use a hammock in a place I like camping!" I will give it. I bought and checked how comfortable it is to actually lie down.

FIELDOOR (Field A) | Hammock

FIELDOOR hammock arrives

The hammock wrapped in cardboard is folded in.

The contents are a carrying case, a hammock, a manual, a skeleton.

That's why I will set a hammock while watching instructions.

First of all, I will lift the largest frame in a folded framework by a thunder.

Next, lift up the short lock arm.

Just lock the lock arm to the protrusion about the outside of the frame that you lifted as it is, then fix the pole OK. There are two places to fix the lock arm, and when it is on the top, the hammock can be tightly stretched for a long time, and when it is put on the bottom, it can be stretched short and short.

Similarly on the left side fixed with a lock arm, a shape that seems like a hammock came into sight.

Continue spreading the frame until the arm hinge between the frames straightens out.

Because the hook is attached to the tip of the frame, just hang the ring on both ends of the hammock.

It is also possible to hook a chain extending from the ring of the hammock. Since the tension of the hammock changes, I will hang the one I like according to the comfortable feeling.

When completed it is like this. I was able to set it in just a few minutes while looking at the instructions, so it seems that it will not take much time to bring it outdoors.

Since the hammock hangs at both ends, it is dangerous to shake when you try to get on the way to get in bed, so it is better to get on first as you sit from the buttocks. Of course it is OK even if you sit as it is.

You can lie down on the hammock by twisting your body around the butt. After riding, the hammock swaying in reaction with a reaction, it is possible to immerse in a feeling of opening feeling nothing. However, if you lie down straight on the hammock, your head and legs will go up and the waist will be in a crooked position. There is no problem with this position as long as it is a little slow, but it seems that it is not suitable for falling asleep for a long time, such as taking a sleep.

In that case you will be able to lie down straight without shifting the body, if you lie down so that your head and leg are staggered and become hooked on the hammock. Although it seems that it looks cramped in the photograph, the editing member on board is comment "It is more comfortable to lie down straight on the hammock."

From another angle, you can see that the legs are stretched straight. The load capacity of this hammock is 200 kg, and it has enough strength to be safe even when an adult rides.

Here, far, I state that was hung in and secure it with the "top of the lock arm," "hammock of the Ring", be changed to "the top and bottom of the lock arm" and "hammock of the ring" or "hammock of the chain" It is possible to adjust the condition of the hammock.

This is a state where the "chain of hammocks" is put on while keeping "on the lock arm". You can see that it is more relaxed than when hanging with a hammock ring.

The height when sitting is also low, so there is more security when riding.

As I lie down, I will lie down like a seat chair because I lie deeply. When lying down and falling down, it is more comfortable for the tensioned state when hanging with a hammock ring, but this one seems better for opening a PC or reading a book.

Due to the difference in the condition of the tension, it seems that you can not stretch your feet if you make a body a big bang. Your legs protrude from the hammock, but this can make you feel comfortable sleeping without problems.

Furthermore, fixing it with "lock arm" and applying "chain of hammock", the hammock became shorter, it became very compact.

When you sit, you will sit at a fairly low position.

I thought that "I could put it in the room if this size," but when the editorial staff of 154 cm tall was lying down, he said he was not very comfortable.

I searched for a comfortable position by enlarging the body, but because the hammock is short, it seems to become cramped even if I lie down. So, it seems unsuitable for those who think "I want to use it compactly at home."

In the end I put "Hammock's Chain" under the "Under the Rock Arm". You can see that the hammock is more loosely suspended.

When I sit down, I seem to sit at the place of Ferris on the ground.

Although I tried lying down, it became a mackerel fold and it got no place to relax. It seems that it is not suitable for an adult's body type because the width of the hammock becomes narrow when fixing it under the lock arm.

If you fix it under the lock arm, it seems to be just right for children to use. Also, since the height of the hammock is also considerably lower, there is also the advantage that it is hard to get injured even if the child falls.

In addition, when an editing member was searching for a comfortable position on a short hammock, the center of gravity was brought too close to the head side, and a happening occurred that the hammock would fall over vertically. The editorial staff who was riding in the hammock seemed to need to be careful not to get too close to the edge because it hit the waist.

Even when sitting on a hammock, a sad accident happened that the hammock overturned to the back side and suddenly got "one man German Spreads" to be caught. Because the hammock is not stable only by hanging two points at both ends, be careful until you become accustomed.

When not in use or when carrying around somewhere, it is possible to store the frame and hammock together in a special case. When a person stands sideways, the size is about this, so it can fit quite compactly. However, because it weighs 8 kg, it is considered tough to take it to the camp without a car.

In addition, FIELDOOR's "Hammock" can be purchased at Amazon 5980 yen including tax.

Amazon | FIELDOOR self-supporting folding hammock (dark brown x dark brown) withstand load 200 kg / height adjustable / easy to assemble | FIELDOOR (field a) | hammock mail order

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