Why do women have to train muscle training

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Weight trainingMuscle trees such as body train is an image that a macho man like a bodybuilder is doing, there are many women who avoid avoiding because "it is troubled if the muscles become rich." However, females should do train muscle training,aerobic exerciseAnd if you choose either one from muscle training it is also muscle training. " Time.com explains it with examples, saying that there are numerous merits such as lowering disease risk, making osteoporosis less prone, and allowing positive thinking.

Weight Training for Women: Strength Training Is Important | Time.com

Dr. Dena Oaklander, a psychiatrist, was born slimly, his character was a rebound idea, he was not of the type to go to the gym and do training. Mr. Oaklander who is a doctor sent a daily routine of doing a round-trip between the hospital and his / her home, so I spent my free time sleeping, so I was feeling all alone in my physical and mental condition. Meanwhile, as a doctor in clinical practice, he had to explain "the importance of exercise" to the patient and gradually became to feel that he was not exercising like a hypocrite.

So, like I was telling the patient for a long time, I also wear a trainer and start muscle training. Then I started to do weight lifting and in less than a month I noticed that I am full of energy without taking much sleeping time. Likewise, it is said that stress became difficult to feel and the body was tightened.

Mr. Oaklander's trainer Sue Clark is a person who has seen an example that raised the quality of life like Mr. Oaklander by doing muscle training. "When muscle training is done, beyond the physical changes, a completely new persona appears and you will feel confidence in your body."

American women tend to like aerobic exercise like aerobic exercise, and those who do muscle training are a minority. However, Mr. Clark recommends that if you have to choose either muscle training or aerobic exercise, you should do muscle training. Aerobic exercise increases exercise time because it needs to exercise more strongly in order to obtain the effect when the body gets used to it, but muscle training can be effective efficiently in a limited time That's Clark's idea.

Professor Larry Tucker, who studies exercise science, says "There are many misunderstandings in muscle training." One of the misunderstandings that Professor Tucker says is that when you do muscle training you "get muscle hard." This may be the image that the bodybuilders have because they are ridiculous, but as a matter of fact, when the athlete performs a muscle train, it makes the ball fly far, it becomes possible to jump high , You will be able to run quickly and you will be able to show the opposite movement from the image that your muscles are "hard." As muscles become bigger, people become more "movable".

ByScott Webb

It is possible to strengthen your muscles with actions such as climbing the stairs in everyday life, walking a lot, lifting the baby, but when you live a life like sitting down like an office worker, We will weaken. So we need a muscle training in a form to counter the process of muscle weakening.

Moreover, due to the decrease in bone density and deterioration of bone quality, it becomes a condition that fractures etc. are likely to occurosteoporosisAlthough it is said that women are said to have a higher risk of osteoporosis than men. In the United States, it is said that 10 million people are osteoporosis, in fact 80% of them are women. Women originally are smaller and thinner than men, but hormones that inhibit calcium from melting out of bones when menopause "estrogenMany of them are lost, which increases the risk of osteoporosis.

So how can I increase the density of bones? One of the few solutions to that problem is musical training. By lifting heavy objects like dumbbells, you can apply stress to your bones and increase your bone strength by applying stress.

It is also possible to raise the body's metabolism without relying on medicine by muscle training, it is also possible to lower the risk of several diseases by making insulin more sensitive body.


Study published in January 2017Then, muscle training has resulted in a survey result that women reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. This study is an analysis of the data of Harvard Medical School of Medicine and researchers from the National Institutes of Health about 36 thousand women aged 47 to 98. The women who became subjects answered the questionnaire about the level of exercise per week and the extent of muscle training that they are doing for about 10 years and then the researchers started female, heart attack and medical on type 2 diabetes I tracked the record.

As a result, women doing muscle training compared to women avoiding muscle trainingBMIIt is low, healthy eating habits are sent, and it turned out that there were few smokers at the time the survey was done. In addition, women who are doing muscle training are 30% risk of type 2 diabetes, 17% risk of heart disease, lower than women who do not do muscle training at all. Of course, researchers took into account the age, diet, activity level etc during the survey, but still it seems that muscle training has not changed the result that women's disease risk is lowered.

At this time, it is known that adding aerobic exercise in addition to muscle treating increases the effect, and if you perform aerobic exercise & muscle training for 120 minutes a week, you will notice that you have 2 types of diabetes I found that the risk is 65% lower. In other words, the best form is to do both muscle training and aerobic exercise.

Muscle training is an image that is done using grand instruments in the gym, but there is also a muscle training that you can do at home, without specialized trainers. If you move your exercise band with your hands and feet, you can train your muscles without heavy equipment.

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It is possible not only to young people of muscle training but also to be effective even if it is older. In a study in 2017, a 60 - year - old woman, obese, trained for three months using an exercise band, reported a decrease in body fat percentage and an increase in bone density. Also, even if you do not buy a dedicated tool, you can perform as a muscle training if you adjust the strength, like sitting down on the chair and sitting down and resting again, jumping and walking.

What kind of muscle training should be done to what extent? It depends on the women doing muscle training. Mr. Oaklander, who began muscle training and later aimed to participate in contests of bodybuildings, said, "In addition to not only improving the appearance but also giving confidence to myself, doing muscle training So I got to be able to think more positively. "

ByAnita Tarnowski

Mr. Oaklander who felt himself like a hypocritical person every time he talked to the patient the importance of exercise, now he says that he can now talk about the importance of exercise from the bottom of my heart. Of course, not everyone needs to aim to be a bodybuilder like Mr. Oaklander, but I am trying to be able to cope with difficulties by strengthening the body with muscle training and to be able to spend a good mood.

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