Craft kit "Linear Motor Express" that learns the principle of linear motor car with model floating with magnetic force

The levitation type linear motor car is based on the basic principle that it repels with and attracts to the magnet by switching between two magnetic poles of N pole and S pole with electromagnets. The principle of this linear motor car is described as a work learning kit "Linear motor expressYou can study with a model of a linear motor car that actually runs.

Linear Motor Express [MR-9106] | Product Information | Electric Kits

You can tell at a glance what kind of kit "Linear Motor Express" is, if you look at the following movie.

[Special information] Linear motor express release decision! - YouTube

It is the linear motor express that it goes around the oval course like plarail.

Running along the inner (side) rails.

When you look closely at the body (train), it floats in the air. Magnets are mounted on the car body and the yellow rail, respectively, and the same poles of S poles and N poles face each other when moving, so the car body is floating with repulsive force.

Pushing the car body with your fingers ......

It was restored with repulsive force.

Even if you push the center ...

I will return to the former posture soon.

As you saw in the movie, the car body is floating in the air as it is arranged so that two homopolar magnets face each other on both the yellow rail and the car body.

Then, the "propulsion electromagnet" on the side of the vehicle body alternately switches between the N pole and the S pole, attracting the front side magnets on the side rails and repelling with the rear side magnets, so that the forward direction The driving force is created.

A figure with a guide way on one side of the vehicle will receive an impression like Yurikamome or Nutramu but the Linear Motor Express is a revolutionary "linear motor car" and it is a good teaching material to learn the principle of magnetic force and electromagnet etc It is.

Linear Motor Express is an electronic working kit of 10 years old or older, and the working time required for assembly is about 3 hours. The state of assembly is described in detail below, the official electric blog "ELEKIT VOICE".

I tried assembling "Linear Motor Express" which floats and runs with the power of a magnet - ELEKIT VOICE

"Linear motor express" perfect for the theme of summer holiday work is on sale at at the time of article creation at 6144 yen (tax included · free shipping).

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