What is interesting in the new sense rating game "ARMS" that moves by moving hands? I tried experiencing the infinite possibilities of Nintendo Switch

It will also be a portable game machine and a stationary game machine "Nintendo SwitchNew fighting sports game just birthed on June 16, 2017 (Fri) as game for "Nintendo switch"ARMS"is. As "game fighting" in the game genre, you can move the body like an actual sport to manipulate the character (fighter), and other new elements that are unique to the new title are stuffed up It is different from any of the games played until I actually played and I tried to see what kind of game it is.

ARMS | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

◆ Unique game characteristics unique to ARMS
The charm of ARMS is nothing other than game title that seems to be a new title anyway. Two things that support this is "operativity of hands and fighters interlocking" and operability that is nothing else, and "character" (fighter) which the player moves "udepu no ru".

· Hand movement and fighter interlock
The biggest feature of ARMS is that it is possible to move the fighter according to the movement of the player's hand by playing with the "nice holding" style holding Joy - Con of Nintendo Switch in hand. As you move your body and move your character, you can enjoy playing just as "fighting sports". Many people were surprised by this sense of play and agreed vigorously with the comment "If such a child was around, I would have played until I got tired out every day ...".

Nintendo Switch held by Nintendo on January 13, 2017RecitalAmong the first ARMSExperience meetingThere is also done, and if you look at the state of play at that time, you can see how it feels when playing in "good hold" style.

Play Nintendo Switch's Great Game "ARMS" 2 - YouTube

Although playing with this "nice holding" style requires a certain amount of time to get used to the operation, advanced manipulation is also possible if you get used to the operation. Indeed, on the Internet there are numerous playing videos in a "nice-looking" style, and a movie released by Youichi of Comedian / betrayal Mankey Kong on YouTube is one of them. When you look at the movie, you can see that moving in a rather dexterous way with a "nice holding" style, it is also possible to fly an advanced battle.

【ARMS】 # 5 The top point with the origin point? Well it approaches the charm of Springman! 【Live playing video】 - YouTube

Of course, ARMS can also play other than the "nice holding" style. You can also play with Joy-Con's analog stick to control the fighter, or use the pro controller for the Nintendo Switch. To be honest, in the case of seeking more precise movements and strategy, in other words "going to win the opponent", I think that players using the controller can operate the fighter as desired.

However, if you are playing two people using one Nintendo Switch, or if you are bringing up multiple Nintendo Switches and playing against friends, "Joy-Con if you can enjoy the game anyway" is handed There is no doubt that people playing with a "grasping and holding" style will be excited. The feeling that exquisitely can not be manipulated exactly doubles the funny strangeness and there is surreal which makes you laugh for some reason even just watching the state of play.

When ARMS is played with "Hold on" like this youTube - YouTube

All of them are made up of Nintendo Switch 's Joy - Con, but this is much more compact than the Wii remote, yet it can detect more advanced movements. In addition, there is no need to put a sensor server on the TV, so you will be surprised that you will be surprised anyway because you can feel the progress of technology in just a few years.

· The fighters who fight at Bodeu Ude "Arm"
Another feature is that all the fighters fight by making full use of the Ude "Arm" of the bowl.

The arm stretches by shaking Joy-Con or pushing the corresponding button, and after it gets stretched it shrinks and returns to hand. Because of this growth and shrinkage, it is time to attack, that is, "gaps" can be made, and the numberflameIt gives players more time to think more than other fighting fighting games that severe battle will be fought. It is obvious that the "height of the door" unique to the fighting fighting game has been relaxed. As we get to know each other we get the time to think about how we should deal with punches flying as far as we can get enough, so at first we can take time to fight and " It will make us more aware of!

However, if asked if ARMS is an "easy fighting game" it is not so. Weight is set for each arm, and if it is the same weight it is possible to cancel by punching and punching it, and if it is a heavy arm you can also hit a light arm to hit your opponent. In other words, the battle has started from the selection of the arm. Furthermore, the orbit of the punch also flew straight by the arm and variously arched like a boomerang on the left and right.

In addition, it is also possible to make the punch more powerful by charging.

It is necessary to avoid punches that vary in weight, speed and trajectory while moving in the direction of 360 degrees favorite, up and down, right and left. Also, besides moving the fighter to move it, you can also punch out with the same trajectory and hit the counter or aim at counters, so it's more than imagining the many choices for a single punch. Moreover, it is necessary to devise it so that your opponent does not punch your punch.

Even if you are playing like rolling out the punch at full speed with momentum at the beginning, you will notice that there is a gap due to the expansion and contraction of the arm, and the play that will punch out with Yumiyamiya will be hidden . And, as I started to think about how to strike the gap of the opponent without seeing the gap, I started fighting by rotating the brain full rotation instead of punch. Because of this complexity, ARMS can enjoy a highly strategic battle even if you do not play in a "nice-liking" style ... or rather dare to enjoy an advanced battle with a controller There seems to be not a few users who are transitioning to.

As for the interestingness born by the Ude "Arm" of Bee's Ued, the producer of Kazuyuki Yabuki of ARMS also talks in the dialogue as follows.

"ARMS" Kobuyu Yabuki Producer & Atsushi Tsubaki's Interview Complete Edition! - Famitsu.com

I believe that Yabuki "Elongating Ude" was able to achieve both breadth and depth. For example, if you talk about the punch arrival or not reaching, if you use "elongated ude", it will be a whole screen telling you whether it will hits or goes off. Besides, I believe that the strength of the attack is represented by the weight of the arm, the extension time of the arm is made to be a gap before and after the attack, and the real thrill of the battle becomes easy to understand for the first time person.

As you can see, ARMS is a handy operation that you can play just by shaking Joy-Con, but actually you can force a fairly advanced battle thanks to the Ariru Arm. At first there were many easy-to-use fighting game fighting games, but there are still many users who feel that "it was more fantasy than imagination", and the voice saying "Gashige too". This includes the meaning of "I can not fight happily" in the match of the game if it does not improve to a certain extent, but on the contrary it can also be said "it is a game with a lot of fun".

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: switch ARMS, it will sell 100,000 books

41: Wind blowing if nothing @ \ (^ o ^) / 2017/06/21 (Wednesday) 22: 10: 33.42 ID: 8CICH6pf0.net
It's funny but it's too crocodile to go back and forth between rankimas 6 and 7

522: Nasting if the wind blows @ \ (^ o ^) / 2017/06/21 (Wednesday) 22: 50: 14.85 ID: 4qAdHEQg0.net
It's fun though
I started to do it and I felt more frustrated than I imagined

593: If the wind blows, it has no name. @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/06/21 (Wednesday) 22: 54: 19.04 ID: BZ0rUxa30.net
Although I'm touched even if someone not familiar with it, I can laugh with laughter too much

624: If the wind blows, it has no name. @ \ (^ O ^) / 2017/06/21 (Wednesday) 22: 56: 12.65 ID: P + SleFF20.net
>> 593
Just different command line and route
It is not a light gate

Many people struggle with a high degree of difficulty of "Grand Prix (CPU level 1 to 7)" fighting CPU as well as fighting. When rank 4 of Grand Prix is ​​cleared, it becomes possible to play "rank match" in online mode, but it is difficult for me to go beyond this hurdle, one of the players who I could not quite clear. However, every time you play, the operation technique will go up from the awareness such as "this timing to hit the opponent", "leave the punch of the right hand that can not be thrown ... ..." "throwing the rush" As I noticed, the rank I was struggling for a while during this time could be cleared as well.

And if you clear the rank 4 of the Grand Prix, you will be able to play "Rank Match" in online battle mode and you will be able to compete with various Udemaans through the internet, so you will be more into the depth of ARMS .

[Good news] Increasingly interesting ARMS: NS bulletin

252: NS bulletin 2017/06/23 (Friday) 17: 44: 54.41 ID: tIZnbz / h 0
It is good to aim at top with rank match with head
It's fun to shake your arm with your head empty
It's the secret of popularity to enjoy both.

GIGAZINE editorial staff who actually played ARMS initially played in an official recommended "good fortune" style, but it is fun but it is not possible to win against other players at all, and it seems that Joy - Con will be placed on the table softly became. However, when I learned that I can also play with a pro controller, when I play it, I can control my fighter as I thought it would be no better than when I was in a "good" style, and I could not feel it by merely moving my body I can now feel the depth of ARMS matchup. Of course, it is free to play with either style, but in the case of "It's too good to have a style" or "I am tired of playing with a controller", change the style and challenge your heartfelt There may be new discoveries when you try.

◆ ARMS Grand Prix Official Song is a good song
ARMSTVCMThe song called "Oh oh oh ♪" that is also adopted for is also played as the ARMS Grand Prix Official Song from the game startup menu screen. As well as CM, this song that comes into my ears all the time while playing has become a sort of thing to listen to as much as possible, yet it is like a song that will raise Gwangung Tension, so the official song of fighting fighting game It is perfect. To be honest, it is a level that you can activate just to listen to this. If you are playing Gatsuguri ARMS, some people do not know without knowing that someone is getting out of luck with "Oh oh oh ♪". It is easy to sing because it is a sequence of "O" and "La" with no lyrics, so it may be the point that I lose my way.

You can watch the ARMS Grand Prix Official Song from the following.

ARMS Grand Prix Official Song PV - YouTube

◆ Individual fighters
ARMS started with 10 bodies of playable fighters, but "Max Brass" was added as the 11th battle fighter just the other day. The fighters appearing in ARMS are as follows.


"Ribbon girl"


"Master Mommy"

"Mien Mien"


"Twin Terra"

"Byte & Bark"

"Kid Cobra"

"DNA man"

"Max Brass"

And although it is not a playable fighter,You can now wear it during the match"Head lock"

It is an appearance fighter who reminds me of an overseas hero, but I am gradually increasing its popularity among people who are attached to the charm of ARMS.

Illustrations by Mi Meng Fan ... ...

Paper craft

Children also love DNA man

Three-dimensional by an adorable appearance (?)

Level that I like too much and lined up at the table

Certain popular gameIllustration that collaborated with it also appeared

Some people like ninjara too much.

In addition, until comic book.

I was surprised to see the ARMS related tweets and writes, but there were a lot of opinions that focused on the fighter's butt. "Yeah Yeah Myeengmen's butt is wonderful, nothing but sales"From the domestic and foreign comments to the twin teller"I'm going to make a nice bond! It is!"There are people who pay attention to the fighter's ass, such as the opinion raised.

People who like twin tailer's ass too much and start mathematics with ass ... ....

Some also develop strangely convincing arguments about "why ARMS fighter's butt is attractive?"

Furthermore, while the truth and unknown are unknown, the secret story concerning the ass of Master Mommy as if it supports the fighter's butt's attractive (?) Is popping out.

◆ Games can be played stress free
For games, it is probably the most important element of this story, but it is as important as playing games how to play without stress. If there is "loading time too long" or "online matching that does not start to play even if waiting till", no matter how much the main part is interesting, "feel free to play games today" will not occur .

Thinking about that in the game, the rise of the game is fast, there is no load screen like this ARMS has an overwhelmingly short time to actually be able to play games after thinking "Let's play the game!" Also, during "rank match" play in the online battle mode, not only is the matching explosive but also it can even play games in other modes until the opponent is found, so "waiting time" It will not be long and stressful.

If you recruit ranked opponents, your rank will be displayed in the upper left of the menu screen of the game.

Another mode that you can fight against other users online is "party match". Even here, you can select the character again before choosing your own battle, or you can practice the operation by selecting "Bubble Petit Assembly", and furthermore the appearance of the other user's battle is the movement of the icon and the strength cage As it is shown, information gathering is possible before fighting.

However, since there is firm stress when losing in the battle, there is no way other than becoming strong to be released from this stress.

◆ Summary
Actually playing ARMS, I started getting excited by the game feeling of a new sense to operate the fighter while moving the body in a "nice-have" style, beginning to irritate the difficulty of operation by moving the body gradually Transition to operation with the controller, to have a taste of victory, this time it will not be able to win against the match and give me sorrow ... and so on, there is a new discovery every time I play, so I can not feel it until then I can meet interestingness. People who do not normally play games or people who are recently away from the game are sure to be amazed at playing with "good new style", and people who are familiar with games from everyday There is no doubt that the bad habit is made to struggle. Even so, if you continue to improve to a certain extent, you are interested in the depth that Udde 's Ue Dee creates, burning with the heat that is unique to competing games, you are admitted to be impressed with the high degree of perfection of BGM and characters.

Also, with ARMS it is compact but easy to switch between "good hold" style and normal controller style, and you can feel the high degree of completion of Joy-Con that can be used as a motion controller without regret. In addition, thanks to Nintendo Switch which can be used as a stationary game machine and a portable game machine, it is also a point that you can take a game out with you, battle with friends, play online against each other, and play games in various situations. By playing with various playing methods such as high-speed graphics with no inferior graphics compared with other stationary game machines, loading time without difficulty even during online giant warfare, "Nintendo Switch Small ... ..." I was admired from the bottom.

In addition, ARMS is on sale at Amazon for 5178 yen including tax.

Amazon.co.jp: ARMS: Game

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