Headline news on July 12, 2017

Dwango, color, Aso specialty school group three companies are animation · CG production company "Project Studio Q Inc."Was established in Fukuoka. It is said that the animation industry is now coming to the right, which is said to be the arrival of the fourth animation boom, but since Tokyo is in a situation of chronic manual shortage, he chose Kyushu which is still in low demand.

The officials' comments are as follows.

Project Studio Q Project Manager, Creative Control / Mr. Hideaki Anno, President and COLOR CO., LTD.
With this relationship, I have decided to launch a human resource development plan with CG animation as the main part with Mr. Aso and Mr. Dwango. Thanks to these three company projects, we are fortunate to contribute to the local industry as much as possible, make the best use of human resources, help the animation CG industry even a little, and push forward the quality of the work for a while.

Project Studio Q Co. Director / Mr. Ken Aso, Chairperson of Aso Junior High School:
In the place called Kyushu, we have established a company working on the front line work with the top creators of the industry. We hope that it will become a new choice for many creators and people who are aiming for creators. From Kyushu we will cultivate talented persons who will be responsible for the animation / CG industry and strive to contribute to further leap in the industry.

Mr. Kawakami Chairman, Board of Directors Representative Dwango Co., Ltd.:
Animation is a culture Japan is proud of worldwide. However, in the trend of global digitization, establishment of Japanese-like CG animation methods is still to come.
The age of the net, the era of digital, the age where works can be made anywhere. I am expecting the success of Studio Q born in the land of Fukuoka.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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39: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2017/07/11 (Tue) 21: 19: 45 ID: c2 G
Best active player to win title 10
* 1 place Koji Tanikawa 27th term
* 2nd place Hanyu's throne 24th term
* 3 Watanabe Akira 19th term
* 4th place Hanyu Kingdom 18th period
* 5 place Hanyu Kaga Statue 16 period ← ← ← ← NEW
* 6th place Hanyu Chess King's 13th Phase
* 6th place Yasumitsu Sato 13th term
* 8th place Hanyu Kingdom 12th period
* 8 place Toshiyuki Moriuchi 12th term
10th Hanyu master * 9th term

48: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2017/07/11 (Tue) 21: 22: 54 ID: bHB
>> 39
What does it mean?
Also explain to Wai of Shogi Toshiorro - Clemens

51: Mr. Anonymous @ Opun 2017/07/11 (Tue) 21: 24: 09 ID: iqh
Hanyu is talking about the number of individual titles won by as many as the total number of other people's comprehensive acquisition

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