A lot of vegetables from Yoshinoya limited to summer "Okinawa taco rice" & "Vegetable cattle set meal" taste review

Yoshinoya in Okinawa deals with "taco rice"However, even at Yoshinoya throughout the country "Okinawa Taco Rice"Appeared as a menu for the summer only. It looks slightly different from what is offered at Yoshinoya in Okinawa, and the summer season limited "Vegetable cow set meal"I went to actually eat 2 items of plenty of vegetables.

Taco Rice | Yoshinoya Official Site

Vegetable cattle set meal | Yoshinoya official website

Plenty of vegetables! Notice on sale of "Okinawa taco rice" and "vegetable cattle set meal" for limited release in summer
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Arrived at Yoshinoya

I will order taco rice and vegetable cattle set meal.

Taco Rice is like this. Okinawa Yoshinoya's taco rice had covered taco meat and cheese with lettuce, but the nationwide version of taco rice has its ingredients tastefully packed. The tray was also accompanied by spicy habanero sauce.

Half of the bowl is taco smeat and cheese, half lettuce is served, salsa sauce is in the middle.

As soon as I tried it, cooked tacosimate is cooked with Mexican cuisine spices, and Shakiyaki's shredded lettuce is very fresh. It is more refreshing than I expected to eat with rice, it is a taste of common taco rice. However, the amount of tacosimate may be slightly less.

Cheese does not melt with the heat of rice, and the taste of cheese is strongly felt. Salsa sauce is a bit spicy, so it seems to stimulate appetite even during summer bat. Though it is firmly held with tacosimate and cheese, it is snacky overall thanks to lettuce and salsa sauce, so it is a perfect menu for the summer.

When I ate it to a certain extent, I introduced hot potato sauce.

Feeling like putting Tabasco, it adds sour acidity and pungent taste. When I ate a bite, I thought, "It's not hot ...?", But as it continued to eat, the spicyness increased and it was a source that felt the spicyness that pulls after it seems like a little burning throat even after finishing eating . It is recommended to add it to the salsa sauce that starts from the beginning, because it is familiar well with sour sources. By the way, the editorial staff who is not good at painful things eat a bite of "hot spicy salsa sauce" mixed with habanero sauce, it was knocking down with a single blow.

Next, vegetable cattle set meal. Stir-fry vegetables that are cut to a large extent, and a dish finished with a special tomato sauce has become a set meal with a small bowl of beef. The vegetables are six kinds of eggplant, pumpkin, broccoli, young corn, paprika, okra, in addition to half the amount of vegetables required per day, the amount that vitamin A, C, E for a day can ingest And that.

First of all, I tried eating vegetables as they are, the special tomato sauce is very gentle taste, the pumpkin is as good as eat texture.

The eggplant is soaked with juice and tomato umami. However, as it was only vegetables, I felt unsatisfactory ... ...

Dawn of a cow little bowl

Previously provided "Vegetable cowI was like.

When vegetables and beef are eaten together, the texture of vegetables is added to the taste of usual beef bowl. Young corn is colitic, but when you gargle it moisture overflows from inside. The beef involved with tomato sauce is refreshed but the taste doubles, the rice goes well.

The texture varies depending on the vegetables, and it seems that paprika contains fire to the extent that firm and firm texture of tension remains.

Okra is something that will be haunted if it puts too much fire, but it was finished in a crisp texture.

In addition, the price of "Okinawa Taco Rice" is 482 kcal with tax 450 yen, 778 kcal at 650 yen including tax, Takosumito Increase · Cheese increase · Lettuce addition is plus tax plus 100 yen each addition. The price of "vegetable cattle set meal" is 6200 kcal with 590 yen including tax and plus 30 yen for the big rice of rice.

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