"If you grill with anything with mayonnaise it will be delicious," BBQ's pros emphasize

Although BBQ which is done outdoors in the summer is a delicious season, we often see the scene where delicious food material turns into charcoal charcoal by the hands of "self-flowing BBQ craftsmen". Although it is difficult for laymen to be familiar with grilling recipe suitable for foodstuffs, BBQ pros are emphasizing about too easy surprise cooking method "If you grill with mayonnaise all succeed" .

Why you should be grilling with mayonnaise - LA Times

◆ Science of mayonnaise
BBQ recipe site "AmazingRibsFounder of "Books on BBQAccording to Mr. Meathead · Goldwin, who is also publishing, "Mayonnaise is very firmly adhered to ingredients, prevents food from grasping on the web when grilling, and produces a beautiful golden color." In addition, Professor Greg Bromonder of Boston University who is co-author of Mr. Goldwin's BBQ book said "MayonnaiseEmulsionIt is an emulsion. It has a wonderful property that fine oil droplets are wrapped in egg yolk. "

A state in which water or oil that does not usually mix with an emulsion becomes fine particles and is uniformly dispersed in a liquid. Even if you burn oil with food ingredients, oil and moisture do not mix, so you can not leave oil in meat and other food ingredients, it can cause cooking failures such as too much overflowing oil and stronger fire There is sex. However, since the oil content of mayonnaise is emulsified, if you bake it with mayonnaise on it, it seems that you can leave a moderate oil content in the ingredients. Professor Bronder says "Mayonnaise is like a" sustained release type oil capsule ", so mayonnaise is very suitable for grilling chicken and fish as well as beef," he says.

Furthermore, the surface of the ingredients baked with mayonnaise is changed to brown with the heatMaillard reactionIt causes a chemical reaction called " Mayonnaise combines sugar and amino compounds necessary for Maillard reaction. This makes the dish look deliciously delicious.

Also, by grilling with mayonnaise it is also effective to prevent evaporation of the moisture of the ingredients. Mr. Goldwin said, "Although chicken meat is the most rosy ingredient in the world, mayonnaise gives a moist feeling even for the meat meat." This seems to be due to evaporation of mayonnaise water instead of moisture in the ingredients when heated. Mr. Goldwin said, "Baste" which heats at low temperature while slowly sprinkling oil around the ingredients can also keep the moisture of the ingredients, but it is possible to bake ingredients moistly from this recipe by just painting mayonnaise And that.

◆ Magic of Mayonnaise
Many people say "May not taste if you add mayonnaise", but Mr. Goldwin said "Mayonnaise will not change the flavor of ingredients, mayonnaise is like a white canvas, what spices · It will be delicious if it is a herb, I call it "Mayo's magic". " A reporter who heard this seems to have grilled the mayonnaise on various ingredients such as chicken meat, pork chops, asparagus, mushrooms, but when grilling with dill sprinkled with salmon painted mayonnaise in particular, it was as if it were Teflon It did not get stuck to the net as baked in, it seems that it was finished as good as it seems to be "foul".

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