Jackie Chan turns into a revenge demon and confronts Pierce Brosnan 'The Foreigner / Revenge' trailer released

The trailer for the movie ' The Foreigner, ' co-starring action star Jackie Chan and predecessor James Bond, Pierce Brosnan , has been released.

The Foreigner | Official Trailer | In Theaters October 13, 2017 --YouTube

Jackie plays Newen Nyok Min, who runs a Chinese restaurant in London. I just sent my daughter by car.

After a while my daughter got out of the car ...

An explosion occurred nearby.

Min loses his daughter and Min himself is injured.

I try to find out the name of the criminal who set up the bomb for £ 2000, but of course I can't get it.

This is Hennessy, a politician played by Pierce Brosnan.

Min was visiting the office for 5 consecutive days.

Min asks if he can somehow know the name of the bomber.

'I'm doing it for the government, not for the terrorists,' says Hennessy, but Min finds out that Hennessy is a politician with IRA roots. Still, Hennessy rushes if he doesn't know the name of the criminal.

A man who seems to be the criminal who is creating a gimmick ...

Negotiations between Min and Hennessy broke down.

And another explosion ...

Min urges 'Tell me the name of the bomber'

Hennessy learns that Min is not just the owner of a Chinese restaurant, but from special forces.

'I think he knows who was the one who blew his daughter away,' said Hennessy, who was frustrated.

When asked 'Do you know?' ...

Don't say no, don't say anything.

And the composition seems to be Min vs. Hennessy ...

Ambush Min

I was taken by the wire ...

When you fall down ...

Min was lurking under the fallen leaves.

It was quickly hidden by a sheet of fallen leaves.

Hennessy meeting a woman

Min shooting the situation

Of course, it's not just suspense, it also includes action elements.

Min looks like a trader

Successful invasion into the room

However, the vigilant trio demanded that the bag be opened.

There are tapes in the bag ...

A gun was hidden under it. The moment he finds out that he has been caught, Min starts kicking the man in front of him.

And to the shootout.

I'm not where I should have been lurking ...?

When I think about it, Min attacks from overhead.

Where is the destination of the revenge drama ...?

'The Foreigner' will be released nationwide on October 13, 2017. It will be released on September 30th in China, and the release schedule in Japan is undecided at the time of article publication. (Later, released in May 2019)

Directed by Martin Campbell, who worked on '007 GoldenEye' starring Brosnan and the first '007 Casino Royale' and 'Green Lantern' starring Daniel Craig. The original is Steven Leather's 'Chinaman'.

Chinaman (Shincho Bunko) | Stephen Leather, Stephen Leather, Shotaro Tanaka | Books | Mail Order | Amazon

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