I collected the habit of collecting on the bottles of the world's bottled beer so I tried collections

In the strong sunshine that burns the skin, if you just walk, your throat will be scintillating, and if you are going to get a cold beer on a kinkin in such a place, you will get drunk quickly. Breath sprinkling falling unconsciously "Puha!" I loved such a moment.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I was drinking beer so while traveling abroad. I am making beer in my country, no matter how things are. So, when entering a new country, there was at least one goal to drink beer that is unique to that country. As a result, this is completed when the trip is over.

◆ Bottle of beer label
As it is also in Japan, the label of a bottled beer is pretty elaborate design. In addition, since there are illustrations unique to that country, and the characters are local languages, it also made me memories of the trip. So, overseas I was collecting labels for bottled beer.

Collected are "main label" which can be regarded as the face of the beer, "neck label" on the neck of the bottle, "label on the back side" such as bar code and ingredient display. Also do not forget the crown.

When you take out cold beer on hot quarters, the air around you is cooled and water drops gather in the bottle. Under such circumstances it was easy to remove the label. I feel pleasant as it turns over with percola without breaking it.

On the other hand, in cold places it was necessary to wet the label with water or hot water. I stuck the wet kitchen paper on the surface of the bottle and I brought a washbowl, so I stretched it in water to dissolve the glue on the back of the label. Labels that were difficult to peel off in hot areas were such work. It became work in the room of the cheap hotel.

◆ to make a collection
Save the label with zip lock. I found an opportunity and I was sending it to Japan with memories of my trip.

When temporarily returning to Japan, a mountain of such luggage will welcome you. I took out the contents for the time being and then kept it in a big cardboard again

But the long trip is over. I have to clear up my memories of the trip. I tried collecting bottle beer label as one.

A mountain of labels collected for collection.

I applied the copy paper from the top and applied ironing all the way to extend the wrinkles.

Well, it is nice to have collected it, but I do not know how to keep it. The shape like a scrapbook also came to my mind, but it is inevitable that another label will come out from somewhere after pasting because the amount is quantity. It was unexpected to paste labels that came out afterwards into the vacant space because I wanted to keep things clean from the first page to the last page. Ideal way to rearrange labels even after completion.

So I came up with a way to use the postcards that are also on the 100 yen shop. Make the postcard on the back side as the backing card, paste the labels one by one and make it like a card.

Main label, back label, neck label and perfect if it had 3 points.

I keep on drunk work and shape memories of my trip. Expectation to be made after it is completed as the number increases.

There are hot summer greeting cards and postcard culture in Japan, so we do not have trouble with storage goods. Because I wanted to keep it in one file, Nakabayashi's "Plenty of postcard holders 320 sheets storage"Purchased a product called. Although it was quite a number of sheets, I got a piece with one file.

It will look like this as you post a postcard in your pocket. It was a form that could introduce four beers on one page. I thought about using two postcards with one beer, but because it overlaps one pocket, it will not be able to check anything other than the main label.

After completing in this way, it will be enchanted by the coolness of the beer label. I will introduce some of them.

"Kilimanjaro" in Tanzania and "Tusker" in Kenya

Chinese version of "Budweiser"

Laos 'Beerlao'

Gake of Guatemalan Ikaike chicken "Gallo (GALLO)"

There was the original beer to the small island of the Caribbean of Dominica and St. Vincent.

Labels of Thai nutrition drinks such as Lipovitan D in Red Bull. In addition to beer, we can also collect such labels.

Overseas beer
During the trip, when you buy 350 ml size canned beer in Japan at supermarkets and shops, there was a standard price of about 100 yen for advanced countries and 100 yen for developing countries. The actual beer you get overseas is like this.

Speaking of Russia, beer of "Baltica (Балтика)" is famous. Numerous letters are assigned from 0 to 9 depending on the application up to high alcohol number to non-alcohol. I was drinking frequently in Central Asian countries that were former Soviet republics.

Speaking of Turkish beer is "Efes". Although it is a Muslim nation where drinking is contraindicated, it is easy to obtain beer.

In Romania, "Timişoreana (Timişoreana)"

In Sierra Leone "Star"

Ghana's "Club"

Mexican "TECATE"

Various canned beers that you can drink in Thailand. "Chang (chang)" on the far right is a Thai-like beer with elephants also reflected.

As the Chinese restaurant is often greasy, beer has advanced steadily.

◆ Crown Collection
The design was excellent here as well as crowns as well as labels. Bottled beer and crown of bottle juice are mixed.

To store the crown, I will use the medal storage pocket refill at 100 yen shop Seria (ceria). The main target would be for youkai medals of the youkai watch, but it was also a crown collection.

I fell within a good feeling.

Label collection and crown collection also want to use it in future activities. Even if you are in Japan you can get foreign beers and bottle beer label collection will continue from now on.

If you do it overseas, the enjoyment of the trip will increase one more. Even if it is domestic, it will not cost that much. Do you not start labels collection of bottled beer, too?

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