When you play with reality of Super Mario world with AR (Augmented reality) it will be like this

Microsoft made head-up display "HoloLens" projecting 3D hologram in real spaceA person who enjoys the world of the Super Mario Bros. appeared in the feeling that I became Mario.

Super Mario Bros Recreated as Life Size Augmented Reality Game - YouTube

Play Super Mario Bros. on Microsoft's AR headset "HoloLens"If you just want to do it, there are people who went there in 2016, but to the end it seems that you are projecting the "Super Mario Bros." and "Donkey Kong" play screens on the wall, you can not only see the game screen directly in front of you It was a challenge to be seen from the back.

this time,Abhishek SinghMr. Mr. made an attempt to create World 1-1 of "Super Mario Bros." with Unity 3 D, wear Microsoft Holo Lens and play himself as Mario.

With HoloLens on, it is a challenge. All of this video was recorded with HoloLens as it was actually seen, and it is said that we do not process afterwards.


As Mario's point of view, clouds and clouds float in front. The wipe screen on the upper right is from the side and the information displayed on HoloLens is not visible, so it seems only to a man who is acting suspiciously with Mario's cosplay.

As with games, objects are displayed as they approach somewhat closer, and the first body of Kuribo seems to have been twisted out from the side of the clay pipe.

A coin appeared when a punch was hit on a block floating above the head.

Then, I jump and step over crimson that came close.

I found a super mushroom from the Hatena block ... ...

Acquisition. However, unlike Mario, taking super mushrooms does not become huge.

Mario turning briefly. Meanwhile, Kuribo went back and forth between the clay pipes.

There are cracks that should not fall beyond the three lined ducts.

Mario where you start punching the void here.

Hidden blocks containing 1UP mushrooms were reproduced.

But mushrooms do not win.

Fire flower is on the other side.

Power up to Fire Mario with this. I came to be able to hit a fireball, but it does not quite get rid of it.

The following nookonoko is ...

Push down and kick the shell.

I flew a little diagonally. It seems difficult to kick straight towards the enemy

Mario is moving smoothly, despite missing the star.

Finally the flag of the goal came into sight. If it is a game, I am going up the staircase block on the left hand side, but since it can not really go up in the AR, approach from the side directly.

When grasping the flag rod, the flag came down as soon as possible. However, fanfare does not flow when goal.

Mario goes to the castle.

Then, a flag of a star which flapping in the castle was prepared at the time of clearing.

Finally clear the flag by raising it. Fireworks also rose.

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