The iPhone 8 is almost equipped with bezelless design & face recognition sensor and screen protector

Images and movies that are seen as screen protectors of iPhone 8 are circulating in Chinese social media "Weibo". If it is a genuine iPhone 8 screen protector, the iPhone 8 has a display with nearly a bezelless design on the old rupa street, indicating that the face recognition sensor and the front camera are installed in the front.

Alleged iPhone 8 screen protectors leaked «SLASHLEAKS

IPhone 8 Whole Picture Steel Membrane, Unreachable Front Board, Fulfilling Screen Steel ... Come On Ezring Eanling - Mikihiro

Video hands-on iPhone 8 screen protector «SLASHLEAKS

Weibo, leak site, SLASHLEAKS, etc. have leaked images and movies of the screen protector seen as iPhone 8's. All of them are bezelless, and four notches of cameras and sensors are lined up in the cutouts of the upper part,Face authentication function"It shows that it is a design that supports several scenarios concerning iPhone 8.

As shown in the photo, the iPhone 8 has a display surrounded by super-fine bezels on four sides except for the upper sensor parts, it will be designed to have no home button like the conventional one. The size of iPhone 8 is expected to be larger than iPhone 7 (138.3 × 67.1 × 7.1 mm) and "143.59 × 70.94 × 7.57 mm" smaller than iPhone 7 Plus (158.2 × 77.9 × 7.3 mm).

Detailed size of iPhone 8 leaks, comparing size with iPhone 7 and Galaxy S 8 like this - GIGAZINE

Looking at a movie with a protector with a hand leaked to SLASHLEAKS, I can seize the sense of size of the iPhone 8 and the sense of the design that the whole surface is almost a screen.

Video hands-on iPhone 8 screen protector - YouTube

Also, Twitter user Benjamin Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin 1) who leaks images related to the iPhone, Mobile Fun, the UK mobile accessory selling siteOlixar's glass screen protector for iPhone 8 selling for $ 31.99 (about 3600 yen)I am tweeting the image. In the explanation of the product page of the protector, "3D TouchSupport "," 2.5D Round Edge Processing "etc. are stated.

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