Headline news on June 19, 2017

Prop series which Benelic faithfully reproduced props "Prop" actually used at the time of Ultraman's shooting, "Jet Beetle (with Hydrogenated Sub-rocket Engine)"Is added.

【Pre-ordered Items】 Longing Prop Replica presented by Ultraman Shop Jet Beetle (with Hydrogenated Sub-rocket Engine) Adult Premier Products - Prop Replica | Tsuburaya Pro official net shop if Ultraman Goods Mail Order Site Monster Department Store

Using the prototype of Mr. Tanaka Thunder famous as a modeler of Ultraman series mechanical instruments, realized a total length of 40 cm over, the same size as used for actual photography. You can also enjoy the "Space Beetle" version by installing a Hydrogenated Subrocket Engine.

Jet Beetle (with Hydrogenate / Sub-rocket Engine) is 194,400 yen including tax, reservation sale starts from June 21, 2017, and the product is scheduled to ship from the end of August 2017.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Discovered the document of 1300 years ago from book bindings made in modern times, succeeded in deciphering characters - GIGAZINE

Whether foie gras are truly produced in a "cruel way", movies depicting the actual situation of foie gras farmers are on sale - GIGAZINE

It turned out that many people's anxiety and stress are decreasing when looking at cat pictures and movies - GIGAZINE

"Paracord Bracelet" tool for survival who can make a fire even though it is a bracelet but also a simple tent "Paracord Keychain" - GIGAZINE

Periodic turned out to be possible to delay the "old" in the intake of low-calorie diet - GIGAZINE

Why does football's no-rotation kick or free kick take such an orbit? - GIGAZINE

Clothes becoming more and more transparent when we expose personal information on the net "x.pose" - GIGAZINE

"SpiderOak" which allows you to save, sync and share files freely on PCs and smartphones - GIGAZINE

"Lockitron" which can open and close the key from mobile phone · smartphone and can use multiple people - GIGAZINE

Nail art kit "Naviar Manicure" nail is covered closely with beads like caviar - GIGAZINE

BGM gathered pretty impressive and well-made movie trailers movies - GIGAZINE

Motorcycle like a monster loaded with 4200 cc engine in 48 cylinders - GIGAZINE

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【50 pictures】 Girl's reaction is the best GIF wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww w:

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
New antibiotic "shodow rimimicin", high effect on resistant bacteria Research picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Child's decayed teeth, parents' educational qualities expand as differences grow Tohoku University: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In parents who both graduated from college or higher, the proportion of children who were treated for decayed tooth was 5.6% at two and a half years and 31.5% at five and a half years. On the other hand, in parents who graduated from junior high school or high school, the percentage was high at 8.5% at the age of two and a half and 41.5% at the age of 5 and a half. It also said that there was statistical significance in how the difference in proportion of receiving dental caries treatment spread.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Aegis ship unknown 7 bodies detected Dispatch of US Navy by HP | NHK News

Towing Yokosuka of a conflicting Aegis destroyer and preparing for inboard ship - YouTube

Aegis ship collision: high-tech ship, weak side flank - Mainichi Shimbun

Cabinet support rate plummeted, 44.9% - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Bridgestone semi-employee, depressed ... to be thrown to the boss tires - entertainment society - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

Fukushima let teachers eat bread which mold grows on children | NHK News

Ambiguous match · Outside is cunning ... Abe administration "Mafia": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Individual attacks to the odd hand that I left up to the power of a few. Do not admit it and do not apologize -. The Abe administration, which has no margin in "one strong" and shows a hard-line posture to excess. In the issue of Morisuo Gakuen and Toshogakuen, we just do lots of allegations. I had an unprecedented amount of politics talked with Kayo Hasebe, Professor at Waseda University (Constitution) and Professor Atsushi Sugita · Hosei University (political theory). The emerging keyword is 'politicize to mafia'.

Dam release, beforehand where parents and sisters are flowing downstream No Niigata: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Sanyo Shokai, Burberry is not lossless essence of stall: Nikkei Business Online

Saga Bank Former employee Bigger Depositor's Data Carry Out? | NHK News

Five workers exposed to nuclear power plant accident were rehospitalized: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Nuclear reactors are not talking about "not a serious situation." For, such as the history of re-hospitalization will be explained in the evening 19 days.

Cash card fraud, sharp increase in the metropolitan area Appearing as department store staff: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Homosexual couple can also move in to the district housing Go to the ordinance draft Tokyo Setagaya | NHK News

Permanent right of Toyosu relocation is Minister of Agriculture and Forestry | Naoto Kan Naoko Official Blog "Pursuing Japan to hand over to future generations" Powered by Ameba

The authorization right of the central wholesale market is prescribed by the Minister of Agriculture, but not the Governor, by the Wholesale Market Law. And it is conditional on conformity with central wholesale maintenance plan (Article 10 of the wholesale market law). This wholesale market development plan stipulates that it will "keep safety of perishable food items and pay attention to consumers' peace of mind". Governor Koike said that he apologized to stakeholders of Tsukiji on the fact that Toyosu was not ensuring the safety of perishable food items, but even if he apologized, it would not be allowed to violate the law.

My answer to the question-and-action sentence signed by all the Ministers of the Abe Cabinet including the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries is to strictly judge at the stage of the approval application from the Governor. It is an obvious law violation to authorize the two conditions that the expert meeting decided as a condition during Governor Ishihara Government, that the groundwater be less than the environmental standard and that the filling is done is not satisfied.

[Animation] Violent "Hiitori" Queen ant and egg are not confirmed ... 100 new animals (1/2 pages) at Kobe port - Sankei WEST

Personal information leakage of 169 high-value depositors Saga Silver theft incident: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

According to the bank and others, the information that flowed out is information such as the name, address, deposit balance, phone number etc of depositors who mainly live in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures and exceed 100 million yen. There was no leakage of account number and PIN.

Report "New" Asbestos Damage | NHK NEWS WEB

Public houses with sprayed asbestos with high risk of inhaling are approximately 8700 homes in 32 prefectures. In addition, adding the case of UR housing located in the metropolitan housing, the metropolitan area and the urban area of ​​the Kansai area, with the use of sprayed materials containing a small amount of asbestos, the public housing where asbestos was used is at least 22,000 units It turned out to go up.

Cholera deaths over 1000 people = half of infected children - Yemen: current affairs dot com

Video: London high-rise residential fire, openly publishing photographs of "disappointed" internal disasters International News: AFPBB News

Why will the lifetime annual income increase by 47.6 million in appearance | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

【Behind the Business】 Prestigious Royal Hotel, 2 Top Sumitomo Mitsui Banking OB Monopolies That Wake ... (1 / 3page) - Sankei WEST

Mr. Kageyama's vice chairman of Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, who served as vice president, also made foil as "bigger" difficult to find out. Whether within a group or a general corporation, "I have to pick up with a proper position" (from SMBC executives experienced).

As a result, the Royal Hotel who historically accepted the big OB was "virtually narrowed down" (same). Rather than making Mr. Kageyama unviable, it seems that 2 tops have judged that unusual personnel affairs such as Mitsui Sumitomo Bank OB is better.

If you keep a ride now? Currently working at Keihansin, train rail type (photo 15) | Riding News

Steel collapses at Shibuya station front redevelopment construction site

Heavy wheat allergic symptoms in 'Tea's Drop Soap', Recovery of 40% of patients: yomiDr. / Yomi Doctor (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Shin Shobo Maaru system "Building type cryptodule" sold out 10 billion yen │NEWS Post Seven

The price quote of such a building type cheddar is roughly one unit of 800,000 yen to 1.5 million yen if it is located in a prime location. Since the building type cryptodule is a large scale it is possible to accommodate ten thousand urns, if "sold out" comes, more than 10 billion yen of money will come in.

Incidentally, it is illegal for private commercial companies to operate graveyards and cypress houses in present Japan. The management of the cemetery is a privilege recognized only by local governments and public interest corporations (such as religious corporations and public benefit foundation corporations), in fact most of the private cemeteries are operated by religious corporations.

In other words, the majority of cemeteries and cabins are operated as "religious acts" by religious corporations and their income is basically not taxable. The "10 billion yen if sold out" building type cryptodule is totally identical in circumstances.

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Incidents / Accidents | 67-year-old male arrested by Itami to make and eat "marijuana butter"

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

95 years old Akan's resurrection with original 60 years ago Sasaki san repaired by herself | Toshin Web / electronic version (Higashi)

After disassembling the engine and checking the state of the parts, a small part called "point" was broken in a part of the ignition device. I thought about a method of transplanting a part of old parts and tried it worked as I thought. Assemble the engine back to the old bicycle, adjust the position of the belt etc. People can ride and travel like old days. The repair cost was less than 2,000 yen.

End-of-life dialysis, cancellation spread ... Half of medical institutions after 2014 experience: yomiDr. / Yomi Doctor (Yomiuri Shimbun)

"Women can make money" job ranking | President online | PRESIDENT Online

The table is a high-income job ranking of women in 2016 created based on the survey of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Compared to the previous year, noticeable that the aircraft pilot became the top (4th in the previous year), the aircraft cabin attendant ranked greatly (22nd in the previous year). Other than that, it is a familiar face that comes into the top of the year.

Customer is God? No, Kefir is - "pretty"

My son will be reversed [2 and a half] - Papa and Papa

The reckless traveler is also about to come up with a version - I pushed the blog creation button

Shinagawa station west entrance, large scale over the national highway | Nikkei Construction

Mystery of a mid-stop section in the JR regular including Shinagawa station and Tsurumi station - xckb type notebook

Are you sleeping properly? - Sleeping debt is dangerous for working popularity - Yahoo! News

"Don" eruption of Nishinoshima during ship, Photographer · Miyoshi shot: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Please do not come anymore" The Oshu Printing Book is resold at Yahoo auction, the shrine is angry tweet - Togetter Summary

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Idea to use a small buckle for belts as a frame of resin.

"Mass production girls" troubling apparel companies: Nikkei Business Online

Concentrated criticism on width bouncing at the left turn of the car. Driving School Association "left-justified is not a for blocking a bicycle or motorcycle.": Philosophy news nwk

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Successfully Developed Real-Time Encoder Corresponding to World's First 8K Multi-Angle Video | KDDI Research Institute, Inc.

With this technology, free navigation viewing in home and mobile environments will be possible in the future based on competition video in the stadium. Particularly in the mobile environment, it will be promoted as a tool to provide new experiential value at the stadium in accordance with 5G service development, which is the next generation mobile communication method.

The impression of the homepage changes! Let's change font | Create homepage Useful article

A delivery service "Yu-pack (Otaru version)" "Yu packet (Otaru version)" that Yahoo auc! Cooperated with Japan Post

Japan's largest Internet auction · flea service "Yahoo! Auction!" Operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Yahoo! JAPAN") cooperates with Japan Post Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Japan Post") on June 20, 2017 ), We will start offering a new delivery service "Yu-Pack (Otaru Version)" "Yu Packet (Otaru Version)" that expands the shipping and receiving place, no need to write the address, and can also ship the fee to the Toku .

KEISUI ART STUDIO | 【Assembly】 I received a 3D printer WANHAO Duplicator 7 from aliexpress.

Programming for beginners at university lecture not to use C language - Qiita

I made a prototype digital price tag for Comiket. - Togetter Summary

The painful news (No ∀ `): Reason why Rakuten can not win Amazon - Livedoor blog

Giga will be reduced! And ghost of the text site - a note of orangestar

What is a method beyond deep learning: a mind of thinking

Attractiveness and Wana of Machine Learning - Nikkei BigData

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
The game market that "gets degenerate" coming in the golden age - the manufacturer who understood the essence of e sports phenomenon wins [E3 2017] | BUSINESS INSIDER JAPAN

"Voluntary restrictions on media will proceed" Mr. Taro Yamada "Concern for police officials to cartoonists" concerns - lawyer dot com

Successful subtle story of "Ichigo 100%" | Yamakam
Yamakam's strawberry 100% sequel criticism article funnyness

The middle clone of the middle clone is a clone at all, so Dongcheng can not fall in love to the inner side of the middle myself, and in the North Osaka it is quiet and cold as "You are not even in the middle."
Even if the desire of "I was in the middle ..." is realized, "I am not in the middle" but I can not do anything Try looking at the middle-aged child born of fate
"This is ... this guy is me !!! I am what I am !!!!! ;;;;;;;;", sympathizing with himself, it is the real thrill of agony that is the sequel "Ichigo 100% EAST SIDE STORY" is.

Cup noodle CM "HUNGRY DAYS Kiki's Delivery Service Hen" 30 seconds - YouTube

TV animation "Fate / Apocrypha" Thematic CM 2 "Black Camp / Red Camp" version - YouTube

TV animation "Fate / Apocrypha" 3rd PV - YouTube

Kemono Friends Fighting Game "Kei Fure Fuaito!" PV - YouTube

"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi" Chapter 2 Departure Hen Main Part 10 Minutes - YouTube

TV anime 'Different World Eateries' Book - YouTube

TV animation "Raiku Touken Ranbu" 3rd PV - YouTube

"I want to be in love even in Chukinji disease!" Digest PV - YouTube

【Shogi】 Fujii Yotsuya wins 27 consecutive victories first ranking 1 more victory wins 1 more wins [unauthorized reprint prohibited] c2 ch.net: 2 ch consolidated hall of fame BLOG

Satoshi Fujii Four stages won 27 consecutive victories, to the greatest in history Asahi Cup Shogi: Asahi Shimbun Digital

RMT, Pocket Stop self-establishment, game commentary ... is illegal? A remarkable lawyer responded carefully to the topic of controversy on the net 【Design of Law】 Interview with Mr. Mizuno

Sensibility "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" - Polar Bear Bamboo Basket

Capcom Co., Ltd. | Patent cross-license concluded on online matching such as 'Street Fighter' series

Movie "Bunbu Stray Dogs DEAD APPLE (Dead Apple)" Special News - YouTube

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
【Giant】 Kamei, sorry! Reversal Goodbye screaming! "I thought that I can take my life if this is not enough ...": Sports report

Football world hero Maldini to pro debut at tennis! Ultimately exceptional challenge at the age of 49 | THE ANSWER Sports culture, development & comprehensive news site

Hideki Matsuyama major defeat Major highest "I could play with a good feeling" 【US Men's PGA】 | GDO Golf Digest Online

"74" → Major self highest "65" Hideki Matsuyama What did Miyazato Yu coach teach? 【US Men's PGA】 | GDO Golf Digest Online

Mr. Yu in the style of "I'm willing to give advice if asked" should never sell out his own idea. Matsuyama says, "I do not have any difficulties if I learn quickly, but I think that people who tell me what is going on is pretty important," he said.

Subscribe to promising athlete excavation project Suzuki PR | NHK News

Applications are dedicated homepage, until 6th of next month, then until mid September to determine fitness through measurements of exercise capacity. And from the end of November, I will decide to promote promising athletes through training camps held every competition.

応募のホームページ https://www.j-star.info/entry/

Porsche won 3 consecutive victories, Toyota won the first prize of wish, Le Mans 24 hours 7 pictures International news: AFPBB News

NMB Sudo, de facto "dismissal" Concourse also on 19th "I will speak in my mouth" / Entertainment / Daily Sports online

Former SMAP Katori and others 3 people to terminate contract with Johnny's | NHK News

Johnny's office received a request from the principal about the three members of SMAP's former members, Mr. Goro Inagaki, Mr. Takeshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori, from the principal, on Friday evening. We announced that we will terminate the management contract on September 8th that the contract of the contract will expire.

On the other hand, for Takuya-san and Kimura Masahiro Nakai, we are to continue the contract.

Former SMAP: Contract with three people Johnny's office full text - Mainichi Newspaper

Below, we will send the comments of President and CEO of our company.

"I decided to dissolve SMAP last December 31, I thought that it reached today because there were fellows even if there were 5 people in groups or even individuals, I have not changed as long as this time 3 Though my name begins to move on a different path with my own resolve, no matter where I am, whatever the position I am, the feelings of thinking for them remain unchanged. Three people who have worked hard for many years I am convinced that we will continue to deliver excitement and happiness to many people in the future, and the name of SMAP (SPORTS MUSIC ASSEMBLE PEOPLE) is the name for fans who have supported five people As

(S) Amazing (M) MEMORIES (A) Thanks (P) POWER

I expressed it. From now on, SMAP is a wonderful five people keep engraving not only in the hearts of fans, but also in my heart forever.

Janny Kitagawa "

Mr. Sudo Bunka in marriage announcement at the general election of AKB, de facto planned bankruptcy: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Detective! Night Suppe: "What You Were ... ..." German Couple Dreams Can Help Dr. Nishida Feel Like a Tear - Mainichi Newspaper

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