What is a safe OS that is not affected by Ran Sumwear?

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Topics in JapanBecameWanna CryIs "RansomwareIt is a type of malware called. This Ransomware is a computer infected to make data in the terminal inaccessible and requests ransom for the user. Microsoft insists that there is literally a perfect OS that is not affected by such Ransomware.

Microsoft: 'No known ransomware works against against Windows 10 S'

Among recent cyber attacks, "Wanna Cry" such as "Wanna Cry" that was discovered in May 2017 and became a topic in Japan, "Ransomuuea"Overwhelming rageI am wearing. For example, in the case of Wanna Cry, in just a few days after the existence was discoveredMore than 10,000 organizations and more than 200,000 individual users were infectedIt is said that,About 3 million yen as a ransomIt has been confirmed that it is paid.

Even in Windows of the OS developed by Microsoft, many computers with Windows 7 were infectedreportIt is being done. However, according to Microsoft, "I have not heard that Windows 10 users were infected by WannaCry's attack."

ByGlobal Panorama

This is a very secure news for users using Microsoft's latest version of Windows, and Microsoft said "Windows 10 guarantees safety against other cyber attacks in the future" I will. However, if you want to prevent the possibility of attacks from Ransomware over Windows 10, Microsoft insists that there is a "safer choice".

The choice is "Windows 10 S". Windows 10 S is a subspecies OS of Windows 10, it is a special configuration of Windows 10 Pro streamlined specialized in security and performance, while providing a familiar use experience. Applications that can be used are only applications in the Windows store, and we have succeeded in securing the safety by restricting browsing of the website to only Microsoft Edge. A particularly big feature is that "applications other than the Windows store can not be used", that is, it is possible to prevent malware from running on the system without permission. Indeed, Microsoft says "There is no known Ran sumware for Windows 10 S."

You can see what OS is Windows 10 S by looking at the following page.

Windows 10 S Frequently Asked Questions - Windows Help

Windows 10 S can be said to be a much more restricted operating system compared to Windows 10 Pro etc. because Windows 10 S can not use applications other than Windows store instead of being infinitely safe from the threat of Ransomware. It seems that Windows 10 S is primarily for educational use.

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