Apple is under projecting a project to record all medical data of users on the iPhone

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Apple has long beenStrengthen employment of medical-related engineersAccording to the contents reported by CNBC, Apple has strengthened connection with hospitals and medical-related groups, and eventually all medical records of users are transferred to iPhone etc. It is thought that it is thinking to be able to manage with the terminal of.

Apple plots medical record integration with iPhone

According to CNBC, teams developing Apple's health units in confidence are working with hospitals and the medical industry to consolidate user's important medical data on terminals such as iPhone. The ultimate goal of this project is to record visit record / inspection results, prescription / allergy information etc on the iPhone, and it is seen that users can retrieve data when needed.

Already in article created when basic, such as when using the Apple of health care application date of birth, height, weight, blood typeMedical IDYou can create, also it is possible to share the information in connection with third-party devices such as blood pressure monitors and sleep trackers, to share the information you need users to connect with each time device. However, Apple is in the plan that are currently working, users of after visiting the hospital can view easy to medical data using the iPhone, so that you can easily share medical data using the iPhone even when applied to the new doctor It will be.

CNBC employs engineers related to the standard "Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (Rapid Medical Information Interoperability Resources / FHIR)" standard for information sharing within medical organizations, and software and technology It tells that Mr. Bud Tribble of the vice president in charge is closely related to the project.

Also, in April 2017, it is reported that Apple is developing a device to measure blood glucose levels, but in this news report it is mentioned whether health devices are related to Apple Watch Is not ...

A secret research team is working within Apple to bring innovation to diabetes treatment with Apple Watch - GIGAZINE

However, the newly announced watchOS 4 adopts Core Bluetooth, Apple Watch can bypass the iPhone and communicate directly with a specific Bluetooth enabled device such as blood glucose checker. From this also, the possibility that Apple Watch plays a big role as a health device is considered to be very large.

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