Researchers announced that they created the largest "virtual universe" in the past with the supercomputer

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Research is being done by simulating how the universe was formed and developed by computer. Super computer in Japan "Kyo"We used the" Astroy "of the National Astronomical ObservatorysimulationTook place in 2015, but the astrophysicists at the University of Zurich, Switzerland announced that they created the newest virtual universe ever.

UZH - The Creation of the Most Complex Virtual Cosmos to Date

Scientists have created the largest ever virtual universe inside a supercomputer - ScienceAlert

The "virtual universe" created by astrophysics at the University of Zurich consists of 25 billion virtual galaxies consisting of 2 trillion digital particles, the largest in history.

This research was conducted for the purpose of being used for the dark space explorer "Euclid" to be launched in 2020. Euclid is a dark energy considered to have the power to expand the universe, human beings can not perceiveDark matterSpace telescope designed to investigate the unexplained phenomenon such as. Although using Euclide can not directly "see" the dark matter, it is considered to be able to observe the influence of dark matter on the universe. Calculations using the virtual model by the University of Zurich helped to identify "what should be looked for" by Euclid, and the more accurate theoretical prediction by the computer, the more the survey is considered to be meaningful .

Researchers developed a new algorithm called "PKDGRAV 3" over the course of 3 years to make the simulation accurate. We carefully optimized the algorithm to do the simulation of the universe, and in the Swiss National Super Computing Center (CSCS) supercomputer "Piz Daint", the simulation of the universe which has developed over 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang was only 80 I did it in time. Among them, dark matter with high density attracts dark matter from the surroundings due to the difference in gravity, and howDark Matter HelloIt was analyzed whether it formed and formed. Euclid, which is planning to observe billions of galaxies, is looking for "light" that can change the direction of advancing by the "distortion" caused by dark matter at this time, so calculation by supercomputer is supposed to help dark matter observation That's why.


Research team Joachim Stadel says, "Euclid will create a tomographic map of the universe and will trace how the universe evolved over 10 billion years."

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