Twice as high as Niagara Falls 3 times The largest historic waterfall ever existed

As a huge waterfall, it is located along the border of America and Canada "Niagara Falls"It is famous, but I know that America had twice the height of Niagara Falls, the largest waterfall ever in history with 3 times width.

BBC - Travel - The largest waterfall that ever existed

The Cascade Mountain Range, which divides the state of Washington state into the east and west, separates the West side into a humid climate and the east side to a dry climate. It is a rich land with three national parks on the west side, but since the desert spreads to the east side, it is a region of little interest for many people.

About 15,000 years ago, a lake about half the size of Missoula (Missoula) lake was covered with glaciers, but at the end of the glacial period the dam collapsed and the depth reached 660 feet ( Around 200 meters), a large amount of water was released while carving a canyon with a length of 60 miles (about 96 kilometers). Traces of hard basalt rocks have been scraped away are given the name "Scablands". Furthermore, in the flood where massive amounts of water was released from Lake Missoula, it is known that even Portland, which is 200 miles away (about 320 kilometers), influenced the geological structure.

Due to the flood from Missoula Lake, we have created "the greatest waterfall in history" with twice the height of Niagara Falls and three times the width. The trace of this waterfall is left in the Sun - Lakes State Park as a horseshoe shaped cliff.

In a geologist's study, when the glacial dam broke down, the torrent reached 65 miles per hour (about 105 kilometers), the water depth reached 300 feet (about 91 meters), and a great deal of water flowed in a canyon I know that I was born.

Ore deposits swept away by water are dispersed in Washington state and Oregon state.

The huge waterfall at Pearls Falls State Park is said to be a remnant of erosion caused by the Missoula flood.

Scablands zone that once produced the greatest waterfall ever existed, but its range is wider than 9.6 million acres and New Jersey. In the United States, the area protected as a park by federal law and state law is less than 250,000 acres, so it is currently not possible to protect the entire Scablands area. In addition, President Donald Trumph signed Executive Order 13792, which will review over 100,000 acres of natural park on April 26, 2017, so yellow signals are saved in the preservation of the historically valued Scablands Zone It seems to have it.

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