What is Barcelona that Rakuten has signed a sponsorship agreement with the world's most valuable football club best 20?

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International Football AssociationAccording to Football, the number of football players is 265 million people worldwide, and there are many soccer clubs to which these players belong, regardless of professional or amateur worldwide. Of that a handful of "World's Most Valuable Football Club Top 20"Is one of the world's leading economic magazinesForbesIt is open to the public.

The World's Most Valuable Soccer Teams 2017

On the basis of such balance data of the 2015-2016 season of European football (about 5 months from August 2015 2016), soccer club top 20 Forbes asset value ranking of the football club that was calculated is the most valuable in the "world "is.Data of the previous yearIn Spain, Real Madrid was the most valuable club, but in 2017 Manchester United became the most valuable football club for the first time in the past five years.

01st place:Manchester United

Asset value: $ 3.69 billion (about 406 billion yen)

The value of assets of Britain's Manchester United, "the world's most valuable asset soccer club", is how much $ 3.69 billion (about 406 billion yen). The reason why Manchester United made its way to the top is because of its strong branding and high marketing ability, and in the 2015-16 season many top clubs are regarded as one source of incomeUEFA Champions LeagueDespite not participating in the game, it is amazing to earn $ 765 million (about 84 billion yen) of income. This figure is a further $ 77 million (about 8.5 billion yen) above the combined second ranked Barcelona and the 3rd Real Madrid.

In addition, Manchester United has received more advertisement and sponsorship income than any other soccer club, and the amount is as much as $ 405 million (about 45 billion yen). In addition, Manchester United is also the most profitable football club in the world with operating profit of 288 million dollars (about 32 billion yen), which is 107 million dollars (approximately 120 million dollars) from the second highest Real Madrid Billions of yen) also beat high figures.

One reason why Manchester United gained the top position is the high premier league affiliation "High Right Right Fees". The following table summarizes broadcasting rights per season in the top league of Europe, but you can see well that the Premier League gets a broadcasting fee more than doubling as compared with other leagues. Especially the broadcasting fee in the country, not overseas, is strong, so that six soccer clubs belonging to the Premier League enter the top ten in the asset value ranking, and the top 20 has joined two more clubs.

02th place:FC Barcelona

Asset value: 3.64 billion dollars (about 402 billion yen)

Advertising / sponsorship fee obtained by putting company name in a set of uniforms is playing a major role as a source of income at the football club. The table below shows the top ten "income gained from sponsors" including a set of uniforms and the naming rights in stadiums and training centers. It is FC Barcelona that gets the most sponsorship fee, and the amount is 233 million dollars (about 26 billion yen).

Speaking of FC Barcelona, ​​I have signed a sponsorship agreement with Rakuten in Japan, and from 2017-18 season the character of "Rakuten" is supposed to be in the chest of the uniform. The contract fee is 55 million euros a year (about 6.8 billion yen), and in addition, bonuses are to be paid according to the club performance. The current breast sponsor of FC Barcelona Qatar AirlinesI pay 33.5 million euros per yearSo it is possible that the asset value of FC Barcelona after the second year may rise due to Rakuten's sponsorship agreement.

03th place:real madrid

Asset value: $ 3.58 billion (about 395 billion yen)

In the 2016-17 season, Spain's Real Madrid achieved the first consecutive record in history, and won the UEFA Champions League three times in past four seasons. However, the club that won the most prizes in the UEFA Champions League in 5 seasons up to the 2015-16 season is Juventus in Italy.

This includes the UEFA Champions League'sPrize distribution ruleIt is related. Distribution of prize money in the UEFA Champions League is divided into "score" in the tournament and "distribution money" on the market side, and the distribution on the market side due to TV broadcasting rights etc. can be divided by country. Italian football clubs have not made excellent results in UEFA Champions League in recent years, except for Juventus, and conversely Spanish clubs often have multiple clubs, including Real Madrid, remaining to the stage such as the final and semi-finals It is. That's why Italy's Juventus has received more prizes than real Madrid who won three times.

04th place:Bayern München

Asset value: $ 2.713 billion (about 300 billion yen)

05th place:Manchester City

Asset value: 2,083 million dollars (about 230 billion yen)

Among the football clubs that participated in the UEFA Champions League in the 2015-16 season, 10 clubs who got a lot of prizes in particular are as follows. Manchester City, who got the most prize money, has earned 93 million dollars (about 10 billion yen), and it is clear how well the money is a negligible level of money. In the UEFA Champions LeaguePrize distribution ruleIs divided into two "tournament" in the tournament and "distribution" on the market side, and the distribution on the market side due to TV broadcasting rights etc. can be divided by country. As a result, Manchester City, who lost in the semi-finals than the winning club, has received more prizes.

06th place:Arsenal

Asset value: 1.932 billion dollars (about 213 billion yen)

The following table lists the assets owned by the owners and shareholders of 20 soccer clubs in the asset value ranking in descending order. Arsenal Usmanov, the shareholder of Arsenal, has the most assets, and its assets are much more than $ 15 billion (about 1.6 trillion yen) far beyond Arsenal's asset value.

07th place:Chelsea

Asset value: 1,845 million dollars (about 204 billion yen)

0th place:Liverpool

Asset value: 1,492 million dollars (about 165 billion yen)

09th place:Juventus

Asset value: 1,258 million dollars (about 139 billion yen)

10th place:Tottenham

Asset value: 1,058 million dollars (about 117 billion yen)

11th place:Paris · Saint-Germain
Asset value: 841 million dollars (about 93 billion yen)

12th place:Borussia · Dortmund
Asset value: 808 million dollars (approx. 89 billion yen)

13th place:AC Milan
Asset value: 802 million dollars (approx. 89 billion yen)

14th place:Atletico · Madrid
Asset value: $ 732 million (about 81 billion yen)

15th place:West Ham United
Asset value: $ 634 million (about 70 billion yen)

16th place:Schalke 04
Asset value: $ 629 million (about 69 billion yen)

17th place:AS Rome
Asset value: 569 million dollars (about 63 billion yen)

18th place:Intel Milan
Asset value: 537 million dollars (approx. 59 billion yen)

19th place:Leicester City
Asset value: $ 413 million (about 46 billion yen)

20th place:SSC Napoli
Asset value: 379 million dollars (about 42 billion yen)

The rankings announced in 2017 are calculated based on the balance of each soccer club in the 2015-2016 season, the average asset value of which is $ 1.48 billion (about 163 billion yen)1 year agoIt is 3% higher than the average of.

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