"HEIF / HEVC" is introduced in the image / movie format on iOS 11 to reduce the file capacity by 50% at maximum

Apple's iOS 11, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2017, has also revealed that "HEIF" and "HEVC (h.265)" are newly adopted as formats of images and videos captured by the camera . As a result of this change, the image quality will be almost unchanged from the conventional one, it seems that it will be possible to reduce the file capacity to half the maximum.

IOS 11's new HEIF / HEVC camera formats will save you 50% on storage | 9to5Mac

HEIF and HEVC adopted in iOS 11 take the acronyms of "High Efficiency Image File Format" and "High Efficiency Video Coding (High Efficiency Video Coding)" respectively, literally high compression It is a format with sex. JPG and h.264 formats have been adopted for images and movies shot on iOS terminals so far, but adopting a new format in order to cope with increasing file capacity as camera performance increases It is.

HEIF is a relatively new format in which the standard was finalized in 2015, and that Apple has been heavily involved in establishing it. In addition, HEVC (h.265) was finalized in 2013, and it has already proved to be used as a format such as Blu-ray.

In the beta version of iOS 11 released for developers, it seems that it is now possible to switch from "setting" to the new format. Apple's media "9to5Mac" uses the old and new formats to shoot moving pictures and compare the differences.

First shot as a comparison of images is the night view of New York below. The file size of the image taken in the JPG format was 2 MB, while the file of the image (extension name ". HEIC") shot with the new format HEIF was 1.2 MB and the capacity was compressed by 40% You can see that. (The original file isHereIt is possible to download zip file from)

Also, in the case of moving pictures, the file encoded by h.264 was 61.2 MB, while the file of HEVC (h.265) format was 33 MB, which means that it was about 46% lighter. In addition, HEVC has a function to reduce block noise on the screen and you can see that the finish is smoother as follows. Apple also introduced "HEVC" format in FaceTime video calling, enabling high-quality calls with less data traffic than before.

In order to use this format, it is necessary to have "A 9 chip" on the terminal, which means that it is targeted for iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and terminals after iPhone SE It means.

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