Boeing test flight in 2018 to "AI passenger plane" without pilot


It is the world's largest aerospace equipment manufacturerBoeingI found out that in 2018 we planned a test flight of an autonomous flight type commercial airliner equipped with artificial intelligence and flying without carrying a pilot.

Boeing studies planes without pilots, plans experiments next year | The Seattle Times

Mr. Mike Shinet who is VP (vice president) at Boeing said at a briefing session for the Paris Air Show to be held from June 19, 2017, "The autonomous aircraft that makes the same level judgment as the skilled pilot by AI alone "I explained about.US Airways 1549 flight lost water accidentSo, we were hit by a rare case that both engines stopped at bird strike at the same time, but emergency landing to the Hudson River arrived in 5 minutes from takeoff at the discretion of Cesley Sallenberger. This accident was called "the miracle of the Hudson River" because all the passengers and passengers successfully recovered from the skill of skilled pilots. Mr. Shinnet said, "AI must be able to make the same level of judgment as Sallenberger Captain."

According to Shinnet, Boeing is planning to conduct a test using the AI ​​system simulator that makes judgments like a human pilot within 2017, and plans to test flight by installing the system in actual equipment in 2018 I will. Although there are no passengers on the test flight of the actual machine, it is said that the engineer and the pilot will board, not unmanned.

In the next 20 years, Boeing forecasts a demand increase of about 40,000 commercial jet aircraft, which is twice the current number. Along with the increase in commercial jet aircraft, experienced pilots are also needed, but the pilot shortage has been continuing all over the world and it is expected that this trend will further accelerate from now on. When the "AI jet" is completed, the shortage of the pilot is solved, but in the US in 2016 it recorded zero deaths of jet aircraft, Mr. Shinnet said "The AI ​​system provides safety of zero or more fatalities We must be able to establish it. "

In addition, some automatic technologies such as "autopilot" and "automatic landing function" have already been incorporated in the aircraft, and the foundation of technology that enables autonomous flight exists.

ByBill Abbott

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