Slow motion movie that splits splendidly with water in a huge balloon of 1.8 meters

Even the casual scenes of the dayLooking at the slow motion movieThere are new discoveries and impressions. Slow motion movies that bring such various awareness are shooting in various situationsThe Slow Mo GuysSo, we have released a movie of packing water into a giant balloon that is 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) before packing it.

Crushed by a Giant 6ft Water Balloon - 4K - The Slow Mo Guys - YouTube

These two are Gavin and Daniel of The Slow Mo Guys.

In this time, if you inflate it, you will shoot slow motion movies using huge balloons as large as 6 feet.

The Slow Mo Guys has used various huge balloonsmovieIt seems that they have taken a picture, but the latest version different from any of them will be unveiled.

So, I will sprinkle water on the trampoline.

On top of this, Mr. Daniel lies down, and a huge balloon connected to the hose is placed on the stomach.

When I turn the faucet cleanly ... ...

Water began to flow through the balloon. At the same time, "Not doing at home," caution notation appears on the screen.

A balloon that keeps inflating slowly. At the time of a compact size, "Daniel is talking about" like a fashionable accessory "and saying it is cheap.

When it gets even bigger, "Much like a big bean!" Mr. Gavin murmurs, Daniel talks about a giant water balloon on the stomach "cold!"

When the balloon became even bigger, Daniel's knee, which had first been rolled out, became hidden ... ...

You can see that the trampoline is sinking quite a bit.

So when the water balloon is broken wearing the goggles ......

I try to move by twisting the body under the water balloon or raising his upper body, but it seems that I am too heavy and can not move at all. At this point, it is said that the weight of the water balloon is over 500 kg, so it is natural to say that it is impossible to move.

By the time the knees became so big that they could hide their sparrows, Mr. Daniel was burdened by the weight of the water balloon and the expression of agony with the load on the knee joint.

Although it seems to have more water coming yet, I decided to break a water balloon immediately as my knee is hard.

When the driver is thrust against the surface of the balloon, the balloon starts to burst at once.

It flows so that the water in it spreads slowly.

Daniel, who was under the water balloon, was about to drown in the running water.

Once it spreads around, Mr. Daniel comes back near the butt and flows out under the trampoline.

Looking at the moment of breaking the balloon at normal speed rather than slow motion from another angle ......

It is really a momentary event that the balloon breaks, and it seems like a lie that Mr. Daniel was drowning at that moment.

However, Mr. Daniel recalls the moment when he seems to be drowning like "Oro Roro."

Since the super heavyweight of water balloons was on, Daniel, who is not well force from entering the knee.

I stood up and was checking the feel of my knee. While watching Daniel's appearance sideways, Gavin says "Jelly legIt is! LOL laugh.

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