Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017 Haste report on the status of the race in Chiba

The ultimate three-dimensional motor sports "Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017This year is also held at Makuhari Seaside Park in Chiba Prefecture. Since the state of the race of the race on June 4, 2017 (Sun) will be updated from time to time, GIGAZINE's officialTwitter,Facebook,Google+Following is useful as you can get the latest information.

Red Bull Air Race

On June 4, 2017, on the race day of the air race Chiba 2017 race, I was surrounded by fine weather from the morning. At 9:37 in the morning, many pylons were not yet set up.

The 3 · 11 gate and the 4 · 12 gate are already ready. The first race of the race "Round of 14" starts at 13:5.

Various events and attractions are prepared at the air race venue. Above all, the demonstration flight with valuable aircraft and helicopter is one of the major points. A luxury watch manufacturer "BREITLING (Breitling)" performed a demonstration flight by Douglas DC-3 just before the pre-qualification race. Travel around the world "Breitling DC-3 World TourThe state of the flight of DC - 3 who stopped by in the sky of Chiba during this is like this.

"Breitling DC-3" challenging the world appears at the venue of Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017 - YouTube

The demonstration flight by DC - 3 is scheduled to visit the race venue around 14:30 on the day of the race day.

In qualification race, not only DC - 3 but also a real zero - fight (Type 0 Zero Fighter 22 type) also came to Tokyo Bay. The pilot is Kazuaki Yanagida, a Japanese living in the United States, and has become a "going home" after several decades.

Zero warfare (Type 0 fighter aircraft type ii) carries a Japanese pilot and returns to over the Tokyo Bay @ Red Bull Air Race 2017 - YouTube

The zero game returned to Japan is scheduled to fly to the race place around 12:50 just before the final race · round of 14.

About 10:30 pylon began to start and test flights began. The situation of the race on June 4, 2017 (Sunday) will be updated from time to time so please look forward to it.

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