How hard is the Nintendo Switch Drop from 300 meters above ground to a concrete paved parking lot

It is a story that I often hear that Nintendo's game machines are made sturdy, in famous placesGameboy got ridiculously bombed in the Gulf WarIt is known that it worked normally. The ruggedness was also handed down to the latest game hard, Nintendo Switch, who appeared a test that lifted it to the ground 1000 feet (about 300 m) and dropped it.

Nintendo Switch Drop Test from 1000 Feet !! | Durability REVIEW - YouTube

Drone in flight

A man who is steering it. There is a call "3, 2, 1 ... ..." ...

Operate the switch with 0.

The Nintendo Switch was unleashed in the air.

...... I challenge the challenge that has released a lot of technology-related videos. It is Nintendo Switch which is already addicted to "Nintendo Switch addiction" already, but this time to be a material of a drop test.

String firmly on the main body ... ....

Hanging down from the drones.

And drone to the sky.

Check the state with the controller. Then it leads to the countdown at the beginning of the movie after this.

The falling Nintendo Switch. Surprisingly, I will fall down with the screen facing up.

After a few seconds, it falls from the implantation to the concrete paving part of the parking lot that is out of focus. The blue one that looks inside the red frame is Joy - Con of Neon Blue who blew away.

When I ran over, the body and the neon red Joy-Con fell down inside out ......

Neon blue Joy-Con was scattering leaving only the connection part.

When turning on the power ...

Nintendo's logo.

While peeling the tape, the Nintendo Switch started without problems.

Not only was the screen all right, I accepted Joy - Con operation properly.

Although neon blue Joy-Con absorbed the shock, it is surprising that the body is safe and can be played.

As expected, Nintendo, the ruggedness of the hardware was alive.

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