Yandex opens a demonstration movie of a taxi using an automatic driving car

Yandex, a leading Russian search service and working on an automated driving car just like Google, has released a demonstration video of an automated driving car scheduled to be used for taxi service.

Yandex.Taxi self-driving car - first demo - YouTube

First of all, what was projected on the screen looked like a software screen confirming how the car perceives the surrounding environment.

One fixed camera facing the front of the car, one behind the other and one in front.

The rotating cylinder attached to the ceiling of the carLIDARIs it?

We are detecting people standing around the car and separated walls.

There are computers in the trunk room. This car is a prototype to the last, so it seems that it will be hidden in a smart form by a sales car.

A man sitting in the driver's seat told "I'm ready for the car" ...

Get off.

The unmanned car started running.

It stopped at the "customer" in the shadow of the building.

When the customer gets in, it starts moving again. Because it is a test run, the speed is quite slow.

The customer got down at the destination.

Besides this, running while avoiding obstacles ......

A car that came out from the side ... ...

A demonstration was carried out in general as a way to avoid people walking from across the street.

The details are still unknown, such as when you are planning to start the service from around, but it is interesting that Yandex, which is sharpening Google with Russia, is trying to stand on the same ring as Google.

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