About half of the followers of President Trump 's Twitter account are fake accounts

President Donald Trump is official Twitter account "@ RealDonaldTrumpWe send various information through. There is only a talkative President of Trump, and the number of that followers exceeds 30 million people, but about half of them are fake accounts,The Next WebIt reports.

Nearly half of Trump's Twitter followers are fake. SAD!

Since President Trump has assumed office as President of the United States in January 2017, the official Twitter account follower seems to have increased by more than 13 million people. Speaking of the number of followers, it is also an indicator to know the height of attention on Twitter, and the one who has the most followers in Japan is the entertainerHiroyuki Ariyoshi's accountThe number is about 6.6 million people. The fact that about twice as many followers follow up President 's Twitter account in just six months is a good indication of the height of attention.

However, in the worldServices that increase Twitter followersThere are also such as, anyone can easily increase the number of followers with credit card and money. And it became clear that President Trump 's Twitter account is following up following "account created only to increase the number of followers" which is not actually used.

The script writer, John Niven, first found this. Mr. Nyeng posted the content that "Twitter account of cards suddenly acquired 3 million followers, but many people's block is still" on 30th. And it seems that most of the new followers were fake accounts that did not register profile images and header images. This tweet has been deleted at the time of article creation,BuzzFeedAs pointed out Internet ArchivePresident Trump 's Twitter accountWhen checking it, it is not 3 million people, but the follower has increased by 300,000 people in 3 days from May 27, 2017.

Online service confirming Twitter's fake account "Twitter Audit"About 51% of President Trump's followers are genuine Twitter users and the remaining 49% are fake accounts.

As a follower of celebrity's Twitter account is not just a false account like President Trump,2016 United States presidential electionThe percentage of false accounts among followers of Hillary Clinton 's Twitter account, who fought with President Trump, was 39%, and of the former President Obama' s followers, the percentage of fake accounts was only 21%.

Whether or not President Trump is purchasing a follower for his own Twitter account is unknown, but the Trump regime has beenComparative picture of the presidential inauguration ceremony"The estimated 250 thousand participants to the inauguration ceremony was reported," the report was a hoax and "it appeared to be about 1.5 million people"Refutation, "The cards are in love with vanity," The Next Web wrote.

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