A star whispering the existence of "alien's huge building" starts flashing again

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A mysterious dimming phenomenon has been frequently observed, and it is said that there is "a huge building of aliens"StarStarted dimming again.

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In 2015, as viewed from the earth, in the direction of Cairo, 1480 light years away from the binary "KIC 8462852One astronomer has noticed that the brightness of 'is getting smaller. The fact that the brightness of the star is decreasing means that "something existing in the front is blocking the light going to the earth" or "a strange process that exists inside the stars," the fire of the candle The light of the star is weakening or strengthening like a small wind hindering it ", it is considered to be caused by either.

The author of the first study described this phenomenonTabata-VoyyadianDoctor. Many scientists made a hypothesis to explain it about the strange phenomena observed in this star which became called "tabby star" from the name of Dr.. thisThe most famous of the hypothesesBut as the stars block the light "Dyson BallIt is surrounded by a shell like ".

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There were also many other hypotheses, and some comets that gathered around the stars blocked the light of the tabby star. This hypothesis was suitable as an explanation about the period during which tabby stars diminished, but the old photos show that the tabby stars are dimming even in the 1890s.

Assuming that "the theory that comet fragments are shielding light" is correct, 648,000 comets with a diameter of over 200 km must exist, which is not unlikely but very likely to happen It is considered not to be.

There are also various hypotheses such as the hypothesis that tabby stars are variable stars, and "hypothesis that it grows dramatically and becomes smaller", "diminishes when a fellow star passes past" because it is a binary star " I will. Although the sun is also a variable star, its energy output only decreases by 0.1% in 11 years. Also, the tabby starF type main sequence starIt is a very stable type of main sequence star, so there is very little change in brightness. However, Tabby stars diminished by up to 3% in just 4 years, and attenuation that should not be possible for F type main series stars is observed.

Dr. Tabata Voyagian observes the dimming phenomenon of such a tabby star and there is a possibility that a new discovery may be brought to the tabby star which remains unknown what is actually happening at the present time.

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