An animated movie that includes the machine "Beast of the Horizon Zero Dawn"

The PS4 game "Horizon Zero Dawn" is a world-wide terrible disaster-hit earth, dominated by a machine imitating the appearance of a beast 1000 years later, the hero travels the world hunting machine beasts It is an open world RPG. Man loses civilization and still lives by making tribes in various places, and it is obvious that mysteries such as "why the machine beast appears inexhaustible" and "what happened on the earth 1000 years ago" advances the game It will become. Richard Oudd, a lead · animator who designed a beast robot appearing in Horizon Zero Dawn for 6 years, released a movie that summarizes various movements of mechanical beasts appearing in the game, and the robot It has become a workmanship to understand how much effort was put in the movement of.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Animation Reel - YouTube

A large bird-shaped robot "Storm Bird" that can fly freely in the sky. Storm birds attack by attacking cold air bullets and bulletproof bullets, or steeply descending from the air to the ground.

Horse type robot "Strider" which often eats grass in groups. All mechanical beasts can override (hack) and get rid of hands, but several mechanical beasts such as the Strider will be able to ride and move after overriding. Keep in mind that if you approach carelessly you will kick out with your hind legs.

Chick type robot "Long leg" will never fly, but when approaching it will jump kick in without question.

Deer type robot "Glaser".

The tiger-shaped robot "Soutoose" is characteristic of carnivorous animals like cats and tigers. Although it never gets bitten, I will pull out intense claws using the front legs.

A large dinosaur robot "Sander Joe". Both of the large robots have a sense of size as much as a single house, and when encountering a very large size for the first time, it should be said that "absolutely can not be defeated ...".

Medium sized type robot "Behemoth". You will be blown away if you hit the rushing attack directly.

A small reconnaissance robot "Watcher". Although the fighting power is not very high, it is troublesome to send a signal to surrounding machine beasts and notify their friends when they are found.

Medium-sized crocodile robot "Snap mo". There is no chance of being brought into the underwater battle with amphibious use.

Large breakthrough type robot "Rock Breaker" that freely moves around the ground. This is also a huge size that I feel as a boss when I first saw it.

Lastly, the biggest size Kirin type robot "Tall neck". Although this machine animal never attacks, it boasts a giant as well as a building. If you can override it by skillfully planning your head, you can download the map information of the surrounding area.

Each of the mechanical beasts has its own unique animation, but it is easy to understand what these movie beasts will do when they actually move in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - Cinematics Animation Reel - YouTube

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