The modern violin is better than the Stradivarius "good sound" and the results of the blind test which raises the army turn out turned out

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"Stradivarius", which is unusual to have a price of one billion yen, is known as a legendary name machine that can continue to be asked by the name of the world's violinist even in modern times more than 300 years passed since its manufacture. However, when you listen to both such Stradivarius and the current violin to the audience, it is clear that more people judged that the modern violin "sounds better".

Listener evaluations of new and Old Italian violins

Ditch the Stradivarius? New violins sound better: study

This result was clarified in a paper to be announced soon by research teams such as Claudia Fritz of the National Center for Scientific Research of France. By the way, Mr. Fritz also conducted a similar comparison in 2016, and at that time the conclusion that "There is no big difference between the two" was issued.

As a result of playing with Stradivarius and the modern violin with blindfold, is it true that the conclusion that "There is not much difference between the two" is true? - GIGAZINE

In this verification, we use two halls in Paris and New York to judge the difference in timbre by audiences familiar with the violin tone. In Paris, we have 55 audiences in the hall of 300 seats, 82 people in the hall of 860 seats in New York, put a screen in front of the performers and which audios are playing the violin It is being made invisible. In addition, the performer picked up the instrument with his / her eyes closed and played both with and without the accompaniment of the orchestra and confirmed the feeling.

About the result, the paper states that "regardless of the music experience, the audience chose a new violin over the old violin and further determined that the new violin is flying further away (= resounded)" I will. In addition, both players and audiences consistently stated that they could not distinguish between the old and new violins, and although it is difficult to recognize clear differences between them, the modern new violin is better I am clarifying that there are many people who judge that sound will occur.

The paper also stated that "The performers who were hiding the origins of musical instruments could gain more benefit from the new violin than the old violin, contrary to traditional knowledge and practices." As a result of being compared as fairly as possible, there was no clear difference, but there is also a view that it is impossible to forget the viewpoint of finding value in the history of musical instruments themselves and the time they have passed doing.

What is the real value of precious instruments judged to be "no big difference with modern instruments" - GIGAZINE

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