A case for smartphone addiction that can be restricted, such as forcibly terminating a smartphone at time "OTOMOS"

ByOleg Afonin

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said"My child did not have a cell phone until he was 14 years old"Although it says, it is difficult to restrict children 's smartphone. Therefore, by attaching a smartphone case, it was forced to allow the use time period limitation / total usage time limit etc to be "OTOMOS"is.

A smartphone that can improve the usage of smartphones or watch over it OTOMOS

You can check what kind of item OTOMOS is from the following movie.

OTOMOS - YouTube

It is difficult to restrict the use of children smartphones, even if you decide rules, sneaky rules may be broken.

Therefore, it was "OTOMOS" of the watching case that made it possible to physically restrict the use of the smartphone of the child.

OTOMOS has four functions, "time zone limit", "total usage time limit", "walking smartphone / bicycle driving limitation", "automatic accident notification", the first "time zone restriction" is "10 You can limit the use of smartphone from hour to ten o'clock in the evening ", and you can forcibly terminate the use of smartphone beyond a certain time.

Because I never stay overnight by touching my smartphone ......

I can get up clearly in the morning.

If you set it so that you can not use your smartphone early in the morning, you will not fall into the pattern of smartphone checking when you wake up in the morning.

Also, if you decide the "overuse" line beforehand with "total usage time limit" ...

Because physical evidence of "overuse" can be made, it does not mean that parents get vaguely angry or not carefully.

Accidents can also happen by using the smartphone while walking, or while driving a bicycle. OTOMOS detects walking and running of the bicycle.

With such a feeling, if you walk on a smartphone the screen will be dark and you will not be able to use it.

In addition, when there is any accident or other abnormalities, notifications are sent all at once to registered contacts, location information and situation are informed, so early countermeasures become possible, such as close people getting on .

The installation method of OTOMOS is as follows. Located in the middle is the bottom of the case, right side is the case top cover.

Put the smartphone on the bottom so ......

I just put on the top lid. However, "Since you need to remove the case, use the screwdriver for the special screw included", so it seems that the child will not be able to easily remove the case. Also, the use restriction can be controlled from the application installed on the parent's smartphone.

OTOMOS was funded by "Makuake" of the cloud funding platform, and when we left 51 days until the deadline, we succeeded in collecting 943,800 yen, exceeding the target amount of 500,000 yen.

A smartphone that can improve the usage of smartphones or watch over it OTOMOS | Crowd Funding - Makuake (Makuake)

The color variation is white, black, blossom, pink, in three colors ......

Dressing can be done by pasting the included cover sheet on the back.

The OTOMOS general selling price is 6800 yen, and service usage fee of 300 yen per month occurs. At Makuake, the OTOMOS main unit will be free of charge for 1 month & 1 month with a contribution of 5400 yen, and the service fee of 1 OTOMOS unit & 24 months will be free with the investment of 11,800 yen. Besides that, it is possible to increase the number of OTOMOS which can be increased by the amount of contribution to 2, 5. Shipping is scheduled for September 2017.

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