Handmade original glass panel and make your own transparent cover Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 released by Samsung is equipped with a transparent back panel made of glass. By processing this panel to make it transparent, a movie that makes Galaxy S8 in a see-through state is released.

Totally CLEAR Galaxy S8 - Worlds FIRST !! - YouTube

This movie is a YouTube channel "JerryRigEverythingWhat is open to the public. First, warm up double sided tape adhering back panel with dryer ......

Insert the spat and separate it from the main body.

Remove the lens of the camera and the fingerprint authentication sensor glued to the panel.

Remove the double sided tape that remained in the panel ... ...

I tried to separate the glass and the film using a cutter knife, but at this stage I have no teeth at all. In the Galaxy S8, it seems that a film is stuck on the inside of a transparent glass panel and color is applied by paint on it.

First of all spray the solvent on the paint ... ...

When rubbed with a spatula, the paint dropped spectacularly. But the film still remains.

Although it is colorless and transparent, the transparency of the glass is impaired by the film being affixed. Therefore, cut the film and peel off the film.

Finally wash it thoroughly with water, a finished transparent back glass panel.

As you can see, the manufacturer and model name remain on the panel.

When attached to the main body, it became a really mechanical atmosphere. However, a coil for wireless charging which covers the most part interferes if it is disturbing.

Then, remove the screw at the position of the arrow next ... ...

I removed the parts and exposed the board and the battery to the state. By breaking up to this point the mechanical degree is Max.

Cut the scissors again with scissors.

Using a transparent double-sided tape, attach a camera lens and fingerprint authentication sensor to the back panel ......

When putting the black panel on the main body which overeignly omitted it, it seems that it looks like "the back side of the smartphone" rather than the previous one.

Paste transparent double-sided tape on the main body ......

To keep the clearness, clean the inside with a detergent to shine up before it closes.

When I attach the connector with a thin spatula and close the panel ......

It is completion of only one transparent Galaxy S8 in the world.

Although it seems that only the wireless charging can not be used because the coil has been removed, most of functions such as telephone calls and communication should have been no problem ..., but a problem is found here.

The coping method is explained in the following additional movie.

Totally CLEAR LG G6 - Clear Galaxy S8 update !! - YouTube

The problem is that the temperature sensor of the battery malfunctions and it is judged that "the temperature is too low" and can not be charged.

The cause was found to be due to the fact that the electrodes visible to the right were not in contact with the 3 + 4 connectors visible on the tip of the green bar. The electrode was integrated with the parts of the charging coil.

Since there is no point in returning the coil which it removed to its original position, only the electrode part is cut off with scissors.

The battery's sensor was malfunctioning just because this small part was not installed.

When screwing the cut parts ......

I was able to charge it safely. However, it was not charging wirelessly, of course using a USB cable.

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