The appearance of robbing a robbery after elaborately stretching is shot in a security camera

Everybody stretches limbs and challenges the game after stretching their hands and feet, but now the robbery that enters the shop to take money to the shop right now extends to the crime properly It seems that the state was contained in the camera.

Suspect Does Stretches In Parking Lot Before Robbing Dunkin 'Donuts «CBS Philly

This picture was captured by security cameras set up at Dunkin 'Donuts in Philadelphia. The situation is spread by television and the net.

If you think that a man who is dressed in black from the direction of the parking lot of Dunkin 'Donuts came ... ....

Forearm flexion movement as a matter of course.

Stretch your right leg ~

My left leg also puts my hand on my back.

Enter the store from the door where the body is unraveling ......

I got into the counter and took money. At this time, the criminal said to the clerk that "I will give you 20 seconds and pack the money in the cash register"

The culprit was a slightly gaggly physique black man, with black hooded parka and pants, black sneakers wearing a black ski mask, and he said he had a gun. From the screen display, you can see that the crime was done before 7 am on April 22, 2017.

The culprit is likely to continue running away.

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