The future of the Millennial generation is "reality that one in ten can work until the age of 65" and "The actual retirement is 59 years old" revealed


In many countries including Japan, people who draw life design that they retire from work after about 60 years old and spend the old age are common. On the other hand, I was born around the 1980sMillennial generationThere are many people who think that they want to retire their work on average on about 59 years old, but since there is a large gap between reality and the situation, there are situations that should be prepared some time from the earliest Has become clear.

Millennials: waking up to retirement reality | Announcement

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It is the world's largest megabankHSBC HoldingsHowever, from the latest version of the report "The Future of Retirement" that investigated the actual conditions of retirement and retirement for working generations in 16 countries around the world, "Shifting sands" highlights the reality of working generations.

The report states that the age at which the Millennial generation wishes to retire from work is 59 years old, which is younger than the average of all generations, two years older than 61 years old . In addition, it is also revealed that only 10% of the Millennial generation wants to work even after 65 years old. This means that many people have plans to retire their work early and send old age.

On the other hand, however, real society can not be said to accept the wish. The society where the Millennial generation lives will tend to be more severe than ever before, and considering the economic situation after retirement, there is a phenomenon that the age at retirement age is being increased worldwide is.

For each country that conducted the survey, the graph below plots the age at which retirement age and the number of years I want to live. In the average value at the top is retired at the age of 61, numerical value to want to live to 81 years old has come out, as well as retiring at the age of 60 in many countries, and continuing to live until around the age of 80 It means that 20 years of old age needs to live without relying on big income. From this point also the reason why there are many people who have the will to work longer will be conveyed in view of the situation of the world economy which will increase the instability of the life to get a better life.

According to the report of HSBC, the Millennial generation is written as the generation with the harshest old-age outlook. It is said that only 10% of people in the world think that Millennial generation can spend good old age. On the other hand,Baby BoomerIn the case of generations, the figure is 42%, which is far apart. In addition, 53% think that the Milenial generation has experienced only weak economic development, 58% of whom are paid for financial crisis and national debt that occurred in the age of the older generation I believe that.

However, on the other hand, the Millennial generation has a richer quality of life than older generations, "Quality of life54% think that they are enjoying "60% of people think that life options after retirement are more than before.

There is also a statistic that the millennial generation in question is starting to store for the old age at the age of 26 years, and there is also a tendency that the intention to increase the assets by taking risks is stronger than the other generations Thing. According to Charlie Nunn, HSBC 's asset management department top, "While the Millennial generation is widely aware of the severe economic and demographic reality, it is hard to say that it is hard to say that the Millennial generation understands the reality that will be greeted in old age Now that low interest rates, soaring expenses related to insurance, a decline in guarantee of retirement due to the anticipated nation, etc. are predicted, it is more important than ever to accumulate for old age By starting to prepare quickly and storing well, you can prevent situations where you have to keep working forever. "

In addition, one of the big causes that goes wrong with old-age life design is that it is "change of health condition" unchanged. In the following article, despite being a qualified electrician and traveling around a number of jobs and designing a career design up to the age of 65, it became impossible to walk satisfactorily under the disease of the spinal cord, An episode of a person whose life design has been greatly madly lost has been introduced.

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