You can watch videos tracked entirely by the time the SpaceX rocket returns to the ground on YouTube

Local time On May 1, 2017, SpaceX, a private rocket development and launch company, carried out a new launch mission and performed live distribution on YouTube. Since the military satellite "NROL - 76" has been launched by the US government at this mission, the situation after the 2nd stage rocket is released so as not to judge which orbit the actual satellite will be put into Although it is not, instead, the contents of the first stage rocket can be seen to be able to see the situation until it landed and landed until landing.

NROL-76 Launch Webcast - YouTube

Falcon 9 rocket waiting for launch at the LC - 39A launch pad of Kennedy Space Center 39 Coupling launch facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The initial launch schedule scheduled on 30th April was postponed due to malfunction of sensors and was launched the next May 1st.

The countdown goes smoothly and lifts off as planned and rises Falcon 9. It seems that acceleration is dull compared to other launches due to considerable loading weight.

Maximum pressure applied to the aircraft "MaxQMaximum aerodynamic temperature) "Through ... ...

Rising again at full throttle. Approximately one minute after launch, the machine speed reaches 1000 m / sec (3600 km / h).

2 minutes and 20 seconds after launch, the main engine stop (MECO) is done ......

The separation of the first stage booster was successful. The first stage booster injects cold gas (gas that does not burn) from the thruster at the tip and reverses the direction of the aircraft.

Almost at the same time, the engine of the second stage rocket (upper left) is ignited and will continue to accelerate further to the desired trajectory with the reconnaissance satellite. One of the first stage rockets (lower right) completed the flipping and started flying towards the landing pad "LZ - 1" of Cape Canaveral that will be the landing point.

Even on the way to the destination, we sometimes control the posture by blowing gas from the thruster.

It is flying at ultra high speed of about 3600 km per hour. Interesting contents that the sprayed gas scatters very clearly and is caught.

Then, the first stage rocket injects the rocket engine at the tail and carries out "Entry Burn", sudden braking from about 5000 km / h.

The Falcon 9 rocket first stage rocket which ejects backward while raising the flame while keeping upright. The speed slows down tremendously.

With the injection of about 30 seconds, the machine speed is halved from 5000 km / hour to 2700 km / hour, and the reverse injection is temporarily terminated.

After doing free fall for a while ... ...

"Landing Burn" for landing is carried out. It will rapidly decelerate again from about 600 km / hour moving 170 meters per second.

Below is the landing pad visible.

Four spread the legs ......

Successful landing succeeded. On the way, it can be said that it is nothing other than the "masterpiece" as it comes down to the landing pad with a pinpoint from the sky at a stretch without going through stages that adjust attitude and speed.

In the Instagram of SpaceX's Eulon Mask CEO, you can also watch the video contained in the rocket detachment ~ reverse jet ~ landing up further.

Close-up of rocket stage separation, fast flip, boostback burn in a ring of fire and then landing burn

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