Image movie of "underground tunnel concept" that started from Mr. Mask's tweet that said "dig tunnel"

Businessman Earon Mask showed up in a TED presentation talk a crazy idea to eliminate traffic jams on the ground by putting an automobile tunnel in the basement of an urban area in Los Angeles.

Elon Musk: The future we're building - and boring | TED Talk |

The beginning of things began with the thought that Mr. Mask who had been bothered by the heavy traffic congestion in the city and not entering the parking lot of the company thought "you can dig a tunnel and run underground." Mr. Mask's december 17, 2016TweetsMr. Mask mutters, "I am very frustrated by the traffic jam, making machines to dig a tunnel and start digging," I misunderstood, as I felt a considerable irritation to get caught up in traffic jams, I will do it. " This is the moment when the word "tunnel" first appeared in Mr. Mask's tweet.

At first, Mr. Mask was thinking of a tunnel to its own parking lot, but later it seems that the concept has developed into a tunnel net built around the whole city. An image movie depicting the city's transport network tied underground by the tunnel network is released.

The Boring Company | Tunnels - YouTube

A state of Tesla Model S running through the city.

Traffic jams in front of Model S. Then you will see a white frame on the shoulder and go.

Where the car that was in the frame ran away, the model S fits.

At the place where Mr. Mask finely fitted in the carriage called "Car Skate" ......

Every Car Skate began to sink with Zubuzub in the basement.

Then the tunnel is dug in the basement, and many cars run around with the Bunbune.

"Indeed, if you think descending from this Car Skate and going through the tunnel," I think I will start running through the tunnel with Car Skate everywhere.

In the concept, Car Skate runs at a maximum speed of 200 km with the car mounted. It is a speed that can not be realized on the ground.

A "3D tunnel network" consisting of several layers in the basement is connected and it connects various parts of the city. Mr. Mask also announces the prospect of building a 40-layer hierarchical tunnel network.

The model S arrived at the destination, along with Car Skate, appeared on the ground and began running aiming for the final point again.

Also, this Car Skate is a pattern that people are thinking about running along with luggage.

Mr. Mask seems to be pretty serious in constructing a tunnel network, and he is also pursuing research by purchasing a "boring machine" that actually tunnels. Currently we are drilling in the basement of the parking lot owned by our company and it seems that we plan to drill with permission from the administrative agency in the future.

Here's our first glimpse of Elon Musk's tunnel boring machine - The Verge

In addition, although the website of the tunnel company "The Boring Company" is also released, at the time of writing the article, it is a site where only movies are still attached. By the way, "Boring" included in the company name has two meanings "digging holes" and "boredom".

The Boring Company

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