Succeeded in "transplanting the head" which transfers the head of the rat to the body of another rat, no damage to the brain

It was reported that "head transplant" succeeded in joining the head of the rat to the body of another rat without losing blood during surgery and causing damage to the brain. The point is to connect the head of the donor to the "blood vessel of the living third rat of the rat" during the operation.

A cross-circulated bicephalic model of head transplantation. - PubMed - NCBI

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The experiment of "transplanting the animal's head to the body of another animal" is not new, Dr. Vladimir Demikov, who opened up the path of organ transplantation in 1950, created a "double-headed dog" and in 1970 It is known that monkey head transplantation was done. In the experiment of the time, although it seems that any animal could move two heads and eat bait for a short period, it could not live long. Even now, the experiment is repeated with the aim of realizing human head transplantation.

This time, we succeeded in transplanting the head without damaging the brain of the rat by losing blood is a research team in China. The research result isCNS Neuroscience & TherapeuticsIt is announced above.

To prevent brain damage due to blood loss, the method used by researchers is to prepare another rat in addition to donor and recipient. Blood vessels of donor rats whose heads were cut were joined to blood vessels of the third living rat and the heads were transplanted to recipients while maintaining blood circulation. Upon completion of the transplantation, the blood vessel at the head of the donor and the blood vessel of the recipient are joined. Thus, without affecting the brain due to loss of blood, rat brains continued to work normally during the procedure.

The project aiming to transplant the head of a human being is done other than the above, and from the following article about the project "HEAVEN" which is said to be head transplant and history "Eternal life is not a dream" It is possible to read.

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