A graph showing the correlation between university entrance examination deviation value and scholarship delinquency rate


The Japan Student Services Organization has published "Information on loan and return"Based on the university's scholarship delinquency rate was tabulatedAll universities "Delayed scholarship rate" rankingToyo economic online announced. Whether the delinquency rate for each university correlates with the deviation value of college entrance examinationLM-7Is checking out.

Correlation between entrance examination deviation value and scholarship delinquency rate - A Successful Failure

The deviation value of each university is "latest! University deviation value information 2017We used the average deviation value published in "The following graph (click to enlarge) examining the relationship between the scholarship delinquency rate (vertical axis) and the deviation value (horizontal axis). The national university is blue, the public is green, the private is written in red, and the size of the circle represents the number of students in the university.

The graphTableau PublicIt is open to the public, it can be searched by the name of the university and can be displayed for each national, public and private. Below is a chart embedded in Tableau Public, so if you hit the mouse cursor, the name of the university, average deviation value, delinquency rate, the number of people who finished lending, the number of people overdue for 3 months or more, the number of students lost will be displayed .

The higher the average deviation value is, the lower the delinquency rate of the scholarship is, and the delinquency rate of the University of Tokyo with the highest average deviation value is 0.5%. Looking at the graph, it seems that the deviation value 50 or more appears almost flat, but it can also be said that the delinquency rate is gradually decreasing with the deviation value. The highest delinquency rate is 13.9% of Eisuikan University, and only one school has a delinquency rate exceeding 10%.

Since the correlation coefficient between the scholarship delinquency rate and the average deviation value of the university is 0.3, it can be said that there is a weak correlation, and as the average deviation value increases, the delinquency rate goes down, so it can be said that there is a negative correlation. Since the significance probability (p value) is less than 0.0001, it can be said that there is a weak correlation between the scholarship delinquency rate and the average deviation value of the university.

LM - 7, the creator of the graph, said, "Especially at a private university, the tendency is strong (I want you to display only private universities in Viz), private universities with a deviation value 50 or less have deviation value 50 The delinquency rate increases by approximately 1% each time the deviation value decreases by 2 with the delinquency rate of 0%, and the probability of delinquency rises as the deviation value decreases. "

Furthermore, the distribution of the scholarship delinquency rate is described by deviation valueBoxplate diagramThe graph below. The leftmost NULL seems to have been unable to obtain deviation value information at school abandonment etc. Below the deviation value 50, the variance of the delinquency rate gets bigger and bigger for each faculty, and the average delinquency rate which increases every time the deviation value drops by 5 is also larger than the deviation value 50 or more.

In addition, the data on searchable data on the ranking rate ranking of scholarships is raised.

In addition, LM-7's author lifetime income difference between the "college and high school is the story of the apparently made but only average about 40 million yen. In the region far below the average value, of the University four years tuition and in between given the loss of income, a clear increase of the university would be the is not than it is not uncommon situation that does not pay. deviation value of 50 or less delinquency rate, university is embarrassed even to repay the scholarship, let alone does not pay situation at last Trapped in which people are being "the" scholarship system indicates that there not Do a little in this area was wasted in vain for four years in youth, inflicting a huge debt, low level instead it is unreasonable to talk if that fattened beyond the university. students themselves also support them Kanojora adults also, really good choice of of the enrollment is for himself, should be examined in the scrutiny. this page is in its help gun to become "And we wrote.

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