"Amazon Echo Look" with camera capable of 3D scanning in 360 ° all directions has appeared, which clothing suits you with machine learning Alexa advises

Amazon speaker type voice assistant "Amazon EchoIn "artificial intelligence utilizing"Alexa (Alexa)"Responds flexibly according to what the user has spoken to. Echo with a camera that will make you a fashion leader to the Alexa terminal becoming popular mainly in America thanks to its high cognitive ability and adaptability "Echo Look"Has appeared.

A new gadget from Amazon wants to help you pick out your outfit - The Washington Post

You can see what Alexa is and what you can do with Alexa by following articles.

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You can see what you can do with the "Echo Look" terminal that you can get up to fashion advice to Alexa with the following movie.

Introducing Echo Look. Love your look. Every day. - YouTube

Alexa, a woman talking to Alexa lying on the sofa as it rains tonight?

This woman is talking to Alexa to check the schedule with the calendar while choosing clothes. Amazon's Alexa is a voice command AI that helps you around yourself by speaking into your voice.

A woman calling "Alexa, take a picture".

A small Alexa terminal in front of a woman.

This is a new Alexa terminal "Echo Look". It is Echo with a 5 million pixel camera which can be operated hands-free.

Images taken can be checked instantly with smartphones.

Echo Look features a lighting LED and a depth camera that reads depth information.

Thanks to the stereoscopically recognizable Echo Look camera, you can shoot so that only you can stand out.

Of course you can save the captured images ......

It is also possible to share with SNS.

This woman started rolling on the spot on the smartphone with one hand.

The woman photographed her appearance 360 ​​degrees by wrapping around in front of Echo Look by making one lap. Since Echo Look can recognize the three-dimensional structure and create a 360-degree full-view 3D model, it will be possible to check fashion from how it looks from the side or behind.

"Alexa, shoot a movie"

Echo Look can shoot not only photos but also movies.

What movie did you shoot ...?

You can also use it for fashion check because you can move the seek bar and also to still images.

Which clothing should you be ... ... Worrying is common.

In such a case, ask Alexa OK. Open the album of the pictures you took ... ...

Select two images that are in doubt.

By machine learning, Alexa will decide which one suits you and will pick out the recommended clothes.

If you take a picture with Echo Look every time new clothes come in, you can fully grasp the clothes in the closet. It helps a lot when unnecessary clothes are organized.

Unlike previous Echo series, Echo Look is an Alexa terminal that came out of a cylindrical design. It is a portrait design that can be placed on a shelf or pasted on the wall.

A dedicated Echo Look application is prepared for Echo Look.

Echo Look application not only shoots pictures and movies, but also has a style checking function. Echo Look will start up only after recognizing the "Alexa" command, and photos and movies taken will be saved in Amazon Cloud. In addition, there is a possibility that it will be equipped with Amazon shopping function to select and purchase items in the app in the future.

At the time of writing the article, Echo Look accepts reservations with Amazon.com at a price of $ 199.99 (approximately 22,000 yen).

Introducing Echo Look - Hands-Free Camera and Style Assistant

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