Wikipedia founder Jimmy · Wales launches "Wikitribune" fighting fake news

In recent years, the negative impact of fake news that exists in the Internet world is regarded as a problem, such as the fact that the existence of false news (fake news) influenced the birth of President Donald Trump in the United States. To eradicate fake news and provide quality news on the Internet, Jimmy Wales, known as co-founder of Wikipedia, created news stories with experts and the public, a new news site not relying on advertising revenue "Wikitribune"Was launched.

Wikitribune - Evidence-based journalism

The mechanism of a hybrid news website "Wikitribune" by professional (amateur) and amateur (public) is explained in the following movie.

Wikitribune Campaign - YouTube

"The news was broken"

That's what the founder of WikipediaJimmy WalesMr. Mr. Wales says that the world of news has transformed by the advent of the Internet.

Until the Internet appeared, people were getting news from newspapers etc.

There is a newspaper reporter there.

Further editors ...


By checking various people, the quality and the truth of articles have been preserved.

People have paid money by recognizing value for these tasks.

"But everything has changed," Mr. Wales said.

Cause the existence of news provided on the Internet.

People started reading the news on the Internet.

Most of the news provided on the Internet is "free"

Internet news is established by advertisement revenue.

Therefore, advertisements overflow.

In order to provide free articles, news distributors have no choice but to ask for money for advertisements.

Mr. Wales says "This is a problem," Mr. Wales thinks there is a problem with the structure of Internet news.

A news distributor who relies on advertisement revenue,Page view (PV)You can increase revenue by increasing.

As you pursue page views, it often happens that news distributors' perspectives shift towards whether PV will increase more than whether the content of the article is true or not.

Sometimes "flames" is used as a means of improving profitability. Before PV supremacy, the truth is secondary.

Furthermore, social media has a big influence on Internet news.

Structure that articles spread by social media and PV increases.

In other words, news distributors are only spreading to more people and seeking to see the eyes of many people.

more and more……

As long as you continue to keep track of PV, if you can earn even PV, there is no point in going out with the idea that it is not necessarily true. In addition, the cost of checking whether the content of the article is true is not stupid, and the structure that enhances profitability by not pursuing truth is also a source of fake news infestation.

"You have to change the structure of lie news (fake news) overflowing to the Internet world where there is no gatekeeper that guarantees the truth."

Wikitrebune is the mechanism that Mr. Wales launched to exclude fake news and create high quality articles.

Wikitrebune is a news site incorporating a new structure.

Wikitribune writes articles by journalists with specialized knowledge and experience.

However, it is characterized by incorporating the Wiki system that creates with the hands of people participating in the Internet.

A professional and amateur (public) hybrid system that journalists can write articles and read all of them will be able to check and improve the articles, the biggest feature of Wikitribune.

It is the reader that supports.

In the articlePaywallEveryone can read all the contents without it.

And readers are annotated to articles.

An article written by a journalist ......

The reader can check the facts and verify the truth by checking the source of the sentences written in the article.

Furthermore, if there is any doubt on the contents, it is possible to make an opinion, discuss it with everyone and improve the article. Mr. Wales thinks that the reader improves the article by assuming the idea that there is no mistake in the article written by the professional, there is no perfect article, and the reader approaches more truth and the quality improves.

There is no advertisement display in Wikitribune.

Professional journalists write articles.

"You are the reader who supports and improves"

"You are a volunteer and supporter" You "

Mr. Wales launched Wikitribune is an attempt by professional journalists and amateur publics to create authentic articles through collaborative work.

Wikitribune first asks for donation to hire ten journalists in each field. By participating in the Wikitribune community, by default it is set to donate $ 10 a month (about 1100 yen), but the amount donated is People who donate can be set freely.

Become a Supporter - Wikitribune

As a news site of crowdsourcing incorporating Wikipedia's method of making articles by all members browsing on the InternetWikiNewsThere is, in terms of the structure that WikiNews are maintained by full volunteers, it was difficult to maintain the number and quality of articles at a high level. Wikitribune is a hybrid initiative that gives journalists writing articles by donating and improving it better by the public. WikiNews aiming to take the form of new Internet news that does not rely on advertising revenue at all and does not rely on donations and public eyes to produce high quality articles seems to attract much attention whether WikiNews can eradicate fake news.

Google's biggest Internet search leader is also starting to focus on eliminating fake news.

Our latest quality improvements for Search

In the search rankings, from the viewpoint of eradication of fake news, the official blog on the policy to reflect the truthfulness of the article in the ranking by the official blog has already been included in the reader including the credibility of the article and feedback We are testing a system that reflects in search rankings.

Wikitribune to realize the truth with public hands without relying on advertising revenue and to raise the truth by breaking the income source of the less trusted site of what is based on advertisement revenue is different from the method by the Internet It is consistent in terms of the goal of eradicating fake news in the news, and it seems that it will be expected that the quality of Internet news will increase more in the future.

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