Discovered drugs to stop the death of brain cells, light to halt the progress of dementia such as Alzheimer's disease

ByVince Alongi

2013,British Medical Research Council'S research team succeeded in the world for the first time in' stopping animals 'brain cells from dying', and became news all over the world. However, the compound used in this experiment was thought to be inappropriate for human use, as it caused damage to organs as a side effect. Four years have passed since then, while having the effect of preventing the death of brain cells in the same way, two medicines that can be safely used for human beings have been discovered.

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Medicines that stop the death of brain cells are focused on the natural defense mechanisms incorporated into brain cells. When the virus hijacks brain cells, viral proteins accumulate. Then the cell stops almost all protein production to prevent the spread of the virus and eventually dies. This process repeated in the neurons of the whole brain causes various side effects, such as making the human being immobile and impairing memory. Although this process seems to be involved in many neurodegeneration, the possibility of treating a wide range of diseases has been sought by controlling this well.

A research on drugs to stop the death of such brain cells was announced in 2013. Use compounds to prevent cellular defense mechanisms from working, with the mousePrion diseaseSucceeded to stop the progression of the disease, in other words, it has succeeded in stopping the neurodegenerative disease for the first time in animals. Although this approach indicated that it is possible to stop the neurodegenerative disease, the compound used was toxic to the pancreas and could not be used by humans. However, as a study on neurodegenerative diseases, this research is "definitely turned into a turning point".

ByNeil Conway

Since the study in 2013, it has been tested using more than 1000 existing drugs, two of which can prevent dementia and prion diseases by preventing the death of brain cells It was shown.

One drug that stops the death of brain cells is called trazodone taken by depressed patients. The other is a drug called DBM for cancer patients. Research institution based in Leicester, EnglandMRC Toxicology UnitProfessor Giovanna Marches said, "Both medications prevented memory impairment and paralysis and dysfunction of brain cells" "After investigating whether similar effects are seen in humans in clinical trials, invest in funds You should actually drink it.The possibility to completely cure the symptoms is very low, but if you can stop the progression of the disease, for example, Alzheimer's disease will change to completely different things. "

Although trazodon is an established drug, Professor Marche says, "As an expert, doctor, scientist, I will advise not to seek results as soon as possible". However, Dr. Doug Brown belonging to the Society for Alzheimer's Disease said that "(Trazorone) can already be used as a remedy for depression, so it greatly shortens the process from being developed at the laboratory to being marketed at the pharmacy I can do it. " In addition, Dr. David Decker of the Society for Parkinson's Disease says, "This is a very important and robust study, if we can reproduce these findings in human clinical trials, both trazodone and DBM will take a big step "We have comments to expect from the future development.


The results of the research on this discovery are published in the science magazine Brain.

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