Qualcomm's CEO commented that the ARM version of Windows 10 notebook with Snapdragon 835 will be released in 2017

Qualcomm's CEO, Steve Molenkov, who is running in the mobile chip market, declared that "Windows 10 PC with Snapdragon 835 will appear in the fourth quarter of 2017". A notebook PC with high mobile performance with ARM version Windows 10 is expected to appear within 2017.

QUALCOMM's (QCOM) CEO Steve Mollenkopf on Q 2 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript | Seeking Alpha

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In the second quarter results announcement of 2017, Molenkov responded to investor questions "The first Windows 10 notebook with Snapdragon 835 will appear in the fourth quarter of 2017".

Microsoft has announced the demonstration of Windows 10 which already runs on the ARM chip, and it is also announced that the conventional x86 application can be used in the ARM version Windows 10, and despite the emulator, the application such as Photothop CC smoothly A state of movement is being shown.

Full-featured Windows 10 that runs on ARM-based processor Snapdragon, and demonstration of Win32 applications moving crisply - GIGAZINE

According to Qualcomm, the notebook PC with ARM version Windows is a mobile notebook computer that assumes a constant connection with a mobile high-speed line like a smartphone.High performance and energy saving Snapdragon 835 developed for smartphonesIt is expected that using the performance of the battery, the battery duration will increase significantly, and a thinned notebook PC will appear. In addition, Qualcomm uses Snapdragon 835 with Bluetooth 5Wi-Gig (IEEE 802.11ad)We plan to integrate wireless functions such as Windows 10 laptop PC and 2 in 1 with high mobile performance that realize power saving and high speed communication that can use the next generation high speed communication.

Co-developing Windows 10 machine running on ARM-based chip with Microsoft Qualcomm plans to release a power-saving 48-core server chip called "Centriq 2400" in the second half of 2017 to cut into the server market dominated by Intel's Xeon. Centriq 2400 can also be driven on Windows Server OS to be used at Microsoft's data centerAnnouncementThere is a possibility that the Linux + x86 chips will attack the host server market with an oligopoly.Qualcomm breaking the brawl of the bogey with AppleIt is said that there is a high possibility of losing mass orders for iPhone related chips in the future and it seems that it will expand the market to chips for Windows PC and servers. The first one is Windows 10 laptop with Snapdragon 835 already, alreadyLenovo information on development is being conveyedIt is a stance to encourage adoption by PC manufacturers such as.

The announcement of "Snapdragon 835 loaded notebook PC" at the Windows event to be held on May 2, 2017 may not be available in time, but there are some announcements in COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017 held in June.

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