Headline news on 20th April 2017

Fujiya's popular item "Country meam (adult vanilla)Ice bar that crashed and made it possible to fully enjoy the country manium by mixing it in vanilla ice "Fujiya Country Mam adult vanilla"Will appear all over the country from April 25, 2017 (Tue) from Akagi Milk Milk Co., Ltd. of Garrigali. Coated with ice with country meam with sweetness of white chocolate which is sweet and moderate, there are three kinds of "moist moist texture of mouth smooth ice", "chalky tip cookie" "rump rough texture", coating "crisp and texture" Ice has become a taste of texture. The price is 160 yen without tax.

Fujiya Country Mam adult's new vanilla sale | Akagiri Milk

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

With Intel killing 12,000 people, which is equivalent to about 11% of all employees, what is the cause? - GIGAZINE

Rice and spicy mentaiko have eaten all-you-can-eat lunch with "Hakata pot with yamaya" - GIGAZINE

Popular band requesting photographers to offer works with "zero" compensation - GIGAZINE

"Xperia Z4" haste photo & review, enhanced new features like this - GIGAZINE

"Gravity balans" that can relax the whole body in a sense that it floats in zero gravity state - GIGAZINE

"Spotflux" free software that allows you to securely connect to the Internet by camouflaging IP address - GIGAZINE

Top ten professors from overseas universities receive salaries - GIGAZINE

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【Movie】 Amazing ecology of strange bio entestigae | National Geographic Japan version site

There are so many kinds even if saying "science male"! → "The door of truth is open" "The information system shoots the target" Which science boys are you? - Togetter Summary

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Scoop: Japan Post, To Huge Amount of Impairment Processing: Nikkei Business Online

It is understood by the interview of Nikkei Business that Nippon Post is considering impairment processing of the Australian logistics company acquired in 2015. Huge losses of several hundred billion yen will be expected, and the growth strategy of the postal group just listed on the stock is at a crossroads.

"Use all in the aftermath" Chairman of Nidec Corporation, contribution of 100 million units One after another: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Ruthless "massive impairment processing" on Japan Post, postal anniversary coverage: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Reported that Fukuoka / Tenjin was robbed of 380 million yen 3 people report escape: Asahi Shimbun Digital

380 million yen deprived = Immediately after cashing down - escape with a male car · Fukuoka: current affairs dot com

Mr. Trump 's entry restriction order damages the U.S. economy, 160 companies including IT giants pictures of opinion pictures International news: AFPBB News

Cabinet Office denies the article on the morning sun "Deleted Korean slaughter" homepage Deleted coverage, also considered protest (1 / 2page) - Sankei news

CNN.co.jp: "Mr. Trump has been impeached", a deceased died rice reported in the lie

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | Education | Inter-faculty interview at Shinjuku University and extorting "thesis writing"

North Korea, meaning of Haribote ICBM showed at the parade: Nikkei Business Online

CNN.co.jp: Clashes with political unrest in Venezuela protest demonstration, two deaths

President Cardinals 'Madman' Psychological Strategy: Haruomi Mikio | Intelligence Now | Shinchosha Foresight (Foresight) | Membership International Information Website

School lunch expenses 1,220,000 yen ... Elementary school, lady disappears: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Why can not Japan keep the bluefin tuna fishing quota? (Toshio Katsukawa) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Southern hemisphere inhabiting the Southern Hemisphere also declined in resources due to overfishing, which resulted in regulating catch. As Japan operated the catch quota by the early acquisition method, the catch amount exceeded the catch quota and became an international problem. It was brought under criticism from other countries, punitive Japan was only halved in the catch quota for 10 years. This triggered the introduction of a separate frame for each ship in SBT, after which the Japanese catch quota can be protected properly. It is regrettable that the same mistake is repeated in Bluefin Tuna, causing the international credibility to be lost.

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What is the thing the housewife is scared of ...? "First experience, the world of G that we do not know" #G measures # Naturus - YouTube

January to March, 2017 Second-hand goods purchase performance ranking announced Television = large size of Sony, when washing machine = Panasonic drum type is sold | Market Enterprise

FRED PERRY JAPAN | Fred Perry Japan Official Site

Fred Perry
"# Furepa and Buddy" Photo Campaign

A round-trip air ticket for a pair to London!

KEISUI ART STUDIO | I challenged rutilequarts (quartz with acicular crystals) with UV resin.

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Release Xperia Touch smart product that can be operated intuitively by touching the screen projected on a wall or table Proposing new communication to enjoy with family and friends ~

Complete HTTPS of Web service - Cookpad developer blog

Mastodon releases niconico instance | Nico Nico Info

PRESS RELEASE | 3 A3 high-speed image scanners pursuing convenience are released simultaneously | PFU Corporation

Yahoo! JAPAN Start introducing a login method that does not use passwords for each service / Press room - Yahoo Japan Corporation

Invitation to music production in artificial intelligence era - Google Magenta commentary & amp; hands-on hands-on (self study) - - Qiita

Exchange Site, Children's Damage The Largest Police Agency to Establish a Council: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

IIJ Launches "Data Option" that Enables High-Speed ​​Communication with Large Capacity at "IIJmio Mobile Service" for Individual Mobile Service | 2017 | IIJ

Higher specifications that are amazing, with outlook on profitability. Release high end gaming chair for professional gamers. | Beads Corporation | be-s.co.jp

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Light Painting with a Smartphone (Lightpainting) "Do not Remember Harassaria Akatsuki"

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【Press Release】 62 new idols will appear in the "# Snyri" campaign from April 22! | News | Mars

Snickers # Snipe campaign

#SneakCocktail pictures from Tweet from Cinderella GirlsLipMay reach !? For short? # Snyri

Speaking of the work you want recorded when PlayStation Mini is released wwwwww: Game lazy news

Preliminary notice for "Theatrical version of the student council official" - YouTube

【3 episodes】 It turned out that when Professor Kentaro Yabuki designed the girls' toilet in the jump editorial department! - Shonen Jump + α

I bought a legendary stationery "Batoen" that was born by former Enix, and put it out of the cookie and nostalgia. "Although I was a toy I could take it to school" "This is a pessimistic pencil"

Shogi · Hanyu Yoshiharu Mikuni Fujii Sota One step of the attention that the four steps showed is "to be determined as it is" | Abema Times

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Snowboarding Withdraws from Players Rehabilitation Program Using Cannabis | NHK News

CL Best 4 Complete ... Real, Atlético, Yuve, Monaco Advances | Football King

◆ UCL ◆ Balsa × Yu Bella Inside the frame only one shot! About Yube's defense threads

Hiroshima Carp · Ogata director and exit disposition also obvious misjudgment sympathetic voice "I will throw one base on anything" - Togetter Summary

Q. Have you seen the video after the game? Yamaji "Just as you did": Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

【Sad news】 Violation Left Ogata Director with strict attention and penalty 100,000 yen: Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

12: Wind blowing if there is none @ \ (^ o ^) / 2017/04/20 (Thurs) 15: 00: 00.17 ID: p52p6c1k0.net
Even if I make a mistake, yeah
If even after that afterwards if you do firmly

Ichiro Homerun wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww: What's Ji Stadium @ N J Summary

About Ichiro, this season's No. 1 home run, "This is going to be impressive": What a stadium @ N J summary

【Lotte】 Ito director, Team batting rate 10% 9 minutes "I want to hear what you should do": Ogae @ Marines Summary Blog

16: Nasting if the wind blows @ \ (^ o ^) / 2017/04/20 (Thursday) 04: 27: 54.24 ID: + KA / FcTd 0
4.56 shots. 190 books 05 theft 1 Lotte (5th place)
Protection 3.54 batters. 230 books 11 burglar 7 hum (6th place)

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~ GW, McDonald 'Parent-Child and Nuggets' Campaign ~ "Parent-Child Source" Newly Appears for a Limited Time! "Okinawa's Wasabi Mayo Sauce" "Wanpakuriyaki Source" ~ "Chicken Mac Nugget 15 Piece" Sold at a special price of 390 yen! Start campaign starting from April 26 (Wednesday)

Series first! Refreshing taste perfect for early summer "Meiji Essel Super Cup Fruit Yoghurt Taste (Using Perfume)" New Release | Meiji Co., Ltd.

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