"Smart kettle" which can quickly water boil and adjust the temperature in increments of 5 degrees and keep it warm for 30 minutes

While it is an electric kettle that makes it easy to boil hot water up to 1 liter, not only is it not only boiled but it is also possible to set the temperature in steps of 5 degrees, and the function that can keep warm water for 30 minutes is also included in récolte's "Smart kettle"is. It is possible to set the temperature of hot water & keep warm it is the same function as the electric pot, but it is more convenient to use and the point where you can set the hot water temperature lower than the electric pot is the point.

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The box looks something like this

Contents are body and power plate, instruction manual.

The height is 21.5 cm, the diameter is 14 cm, the part with the handle is about 20 cm. The main body is made of stainless steel & polypropylene resin.

Where to pour the hot water with mesh. Do not put anything other than water, as this is to keep the amount of hot water pouring in, as it suppresses the spout of hot water at boiling.

The lid is a bounce-up type, it's easy to wash it because it is open all over.

Switches are gathered in the upper part of the hand.

When using, put water first ......

Set the temperature you want to boil. Electric kettle can be used if you just boil water quickly, but one point of this smart kettle that you can adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments.

From the upper 100 degrees ... ...

The bottom is 50 degrees. If you make cup ramen, you need freshly boiled water, but for example white water does not need to boil, so smart kettle that can make hot water at low temperature is handy.

After setting the temperature, turn on the power switch under it.

The temperature during the kettle is displayed in 1 degree increments. The impression at the time of kettle was largely different from other electric kettle and so on. The time to boiling the maximum amount (1 liter) of tap water to 100 degrees was about 6 minutes, and the minimum amount (300 ml) was about 2 minutes.

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When the boiling water boils, "Peepy peepy" sounds, the color of the power switch turns green. From this state, heat retention at the set temperature will continue for 30 minutes. In addition, when boiling at 95 degrees / 100 degrees, heat retention is done at 90 degrees.

For those who need boiling water, the temperature control function may not be necessary so much, for example, the optimum temperature for coffee brewing is 85 degrees to 95 degrees, the hoji tea is 100 degrees, the tea is 95 degrees, the infusing tea is 85 degrees, Since Gyokuro is 55 degrees and so on, it is useful also when "I want to make it as delicious as possible".

Even after turning off the power, the temperature of hot water is displayed in increments of 1 degree up to 30 degrees.

In addition, although electric kettles are often turned off automatically when hot water boils, this smart kettle has a warming function, so it may become a cause of malfunction if you press the power switch once to pour it Please be aware that there is.

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