"Global Digital Statshot" summarizing the Internet situation of the world 2nd quarter of 2017 announced

ByMichael Coghlan

It has been a long time since I was told that the world has become connected via the Internet, but it is difficult to actually realize how big the Internet is spreading. Monitor the movement of social media in the worldWe Are SocialWhenHootsuiteIt is announcing every three months "Global Digital StatshotIs a report that you can see the latest state of the Internet by numbers.

Global Digital Statshot Q 2 2017

Overview of Internet environment

As of April 2017, about 7,497 million people live in the world, of which the number of active users in the environment that can connect to the Internet is 3.811 billion and the penetration rate is 51%. In addition, there are 2,970 million people using SNS, 39% of the world is using SNS. On the other hand, the population which owns the mobile terminal is about 4.96 billion people, the penetration rate is 66%. And the number of users using SNS from mobile terminals is about 2,698 million people and the penetration rate is 36%.

Looking at the rate of change from three months ago, the number of Internet users has increased by 1% and SNS users increased by 4%. The number of users of mobile terminals has increased by 1%, but the number of SNS users from mobile terminals is growing at 6%.

◆ Internet Usage Status throughout the World

As mentioned above, the number of active users on the Internet is 3.811 billion people, the population penetration rate is 51%. The number of users who use the Internet from mobile is 3,394 million, which should be equivalent to 45% of the total population, but "93%" described in the report is unknown.

By classifying access methods for all traffic, the access from the PC terminal is 43.4% of the total, which is a 19% decrease compared to one year ago. On the other hand, access from the mobile terminal increased by 25% from one year ago to 51.4% of the total, now we can see that half of the world's Internet access is done from the mobile terminal. Access from the tablet terminal is 4.9% (6% decrease from the previous year), access from other devices is 0.13%, but it shows that it increased by 30% compared to the previous year.

◆ Social media usage in the whole world

There are 2,970 million people using SNS all over the world. This is 39% of the world population. The use of SNS from mobile is 2,698 million people, accounting for 36% of the world population.

Facebook has the largest number of active users by SNS, 1.968 billion people. By the way, the color of the graph indicates Orange is a social network, and Red is a messenger service. Whathapp in the second place, Facebook messenger in the third place, Youtube, WeChat and so on.

When analyzing Facebook users, the total number of users is 1,968 million, and access from mobile terminals is 89%. 61% of users are using Facebook everyday, 44% have published that they are female, 56% have published that they are men.

Looking at the number of Facebook users by country / city, the number of countries with the most users is 219 million in the United States. It accounts for 11% of the total. Following this is India, the number is 213 million, also 11% here. Then, Brazil (122 million people: 6%), Indonesia (110 million people: 6%), etc. continue. Japan did not rank in the top ten. By city, 30 million people (1.5% of the whole) in Bangkok, Thailand, have the largest number of users. There are 22 million people (1.1%) in India / Dhaka and Indonesia / Jakarta in the second place.

◆ Mobile terminal usage worldwide

The number of users using mobile terminals is 4.96 billion, accounting for 66% of the world population. The number of mobile terminals is 8,066 million units, and smartphones account for 55% of Internet access from mobile.

There are multiple mobile user statistics,GSM associationAccording to the announced value, the number of users is 5 billion and the number of mobile terminals is 8.1 billion. Meanwhile, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report, the number of users is 5.2 billion and the number of terminals is 7.5 billion.

Access from Android terminal is 71.6% of the total and iOS is 19.5%. Access from other platforms is 8.9%.

Traffic volumes (uploads + downloads) by mobile terminals are steadily increasing, and in the fourth quarter of 2016 the worldwide monthly traffic volume has reached 8 billion GB. When converting this into the value of one terminal, it corresponds to 2.1 GB.

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