Burger King makes Google Assistant explain the Wapper with the TV commercial triggered too Google furious immediately disable trigger

"OK, Google" voice command to be activated "Google Assistant(Google Assistant) ", the burger king of the hamburger chain used it for PR work. However, as this idea was done without consulting with Google in advance, it has been BAN singledly in about three hours from the start of broadcasting.

Google shuts down Burger King's cunning TV ad - The Verge

CM of the problem Burger King shed on television.

BURGER KING® | Connected Whopper® - YouTube

"Unfortunately we can not explain fresh ingredients of Wapper if it's a 15 second CM," said Burger King's clerk.

"There is a good idea there," a clerk who calls the camera. What a bad face ... ....

The clerk murmured is "OK, Google. What is a Wapper Burger?"

When you tweet this, CM ends.

This CM is to let the Google Assistant explain Wapper Burger, the main product of Burger King, by "OK, Google" trigger command. In the movie below, you can see how the home assistant speaker "Google Home" using Google Assistant speaks out the explanation of Wapper as "Wapper is ... ..." according to Wikipedia.

Burger King Ad initiates Google Home Device - YouTube

Although it is an interesting attempt as an idea, it is natural that many people were puzzled by the behavior that smartphones that enabled Google Home and "OK, Google" suddenly read the contents of Wikipedia. People who felt this Burger King's PR strategy uncomfortable edited the "Wapper" page of Wikipedia. "Wapper has nails and" toxic substance cyan compound entered "and so on.

Google, which had not been informed of the contents of PR in advance, changed the Google assistant so that it does not respond to a specific phrase of Burger King CM, and Burger King's CM has already been invalidated by Google Assistant. However, According to The Verge, the contents of the Wikipedia page tampered with before being invalidated was read out by Google Assistant.

Google Assistant and Amazon which can do various operations with voice recognition commandAlexaAlthough it is very convenient, it seems to have a potential problem of exploiting the function.

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