Headline news on April 11, 2017

The release date of Square Enix 's popular RPG "Dragon Quest XI seeking time to pass" was decided on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

PS4 version is 8980 yen (tax excluded), Nintendo 3DS version is 5980 yen (excluding tax).

PS 4 version and Nintendo 3DS version were put in the special brave sword box "Dragon Quest XI double pack brave's sword box"Has become 14,960 yen (tax excluded).

Also, the latest promotional video is released.

"Dragon Quest XI Mixed Promotional Pictures of Two Models Looking for Time to Pass" - YouTube

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"Yuketoru" that allows easy tracking and re-delivery of packages of Yamato, Sagawa and Japan mail at once - GIGAZINE

A man working as a mechanic in Germany was actually a king of African tribes - GIGAZINE

"Medicated soap" containing antimicrobial and bactericidal ingredients may be harmful rather than profitable - GIGAZINE

"Inside the mind of a master procrastinator" that approaches the psychology that puts out what to do until just before the deadline - GIGAZINE

Is it possible to mature high-quality whiskey in a short time with the power of science? - GIGAZINE

Like the sweet breeze The second race report "Ani × Saka !!" the transcendental drama waited in the 10 minutes just before the end was finished - GIGAZINE

All 131 kinds of cherry blossoms bloomed in Osaka Mint Bureau "Cherry Blossoms Pass through" - GIGAZINE

I tried to make various sandwiches of the recipe "Really savable sandwiches making 100" that the power hidden in the sandwich wakes up - GIGAZINE

An application that can crispy by swiping a stubborn Gmail "Mailbox" - GIGAZINE

"E-GO Cruiser" that can move for several kilometers with just a few tens of yen cost - GIGAZINE

Dubai police adopt Lamborghini · Aventador of 1 million units as a police car - GIGAZINE

Overseas original menu that McDonald's offers outside of Japan Various - GIGAZINE

How to handmade sound absorbing materials with cardboard and make your own soundproof room cheaply & Effectiveness demonstration video - GIGAZINE

Psychological disorders such as depression are pointed out that passive smoking may cause children's ADHD - GIGAZINE

Several buildings with a height of over 1000 m continue one after another, the Middle Eastern hyper-building plan beyond "Burj Khalifa" Various - GIGAZINE

Test that understands whether you are a beautiful person of your heart or a desperate person - GIGAZINE

Accident at the railroad crossing of a car which I do not know why such an accident happened - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

Canadian new ten dollar bill, the central bank's "hidden command" on official website | Reuters

Liquid nature of the cat is also "GIGAZINE"15 evidence pictures that "cats are liquid""It has been posted as an article.

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Two pregnant women died from infection "Psittacony" from birds ... First in Japan: Science · IT: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

【Movie】 In the "harsh orgy" snake's males short lived? | National Geographic Japanese version site

When coming out of hibernation place every spring in the spring, this garter snake is on the verge of starvation. After that, the female goes on searching for food after staying for several days in the mating ball. But fast food has just begun for men.

Male hibernates more than half of a year and can not eat anything for another 2-4 weeks after awaking. It is to wait for the female who has come up. In total, male will spend about 8 months without nutritional supplementation.

In addition, male must overcome competition with other males using a lot of energy. Mr. Eurig says these desperate attempts to leave genes are "running without fuel".

Human meat low calories, why did the old human beings eat? | National Geographic Japanese version site

Mexico border wall construction of U.S. Impact on local ecology Photo 3 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Chloride of cryoprotectant, big burden on freshwater lake in North America Research picture 1 International news: AFPBB News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Negotiation record with Morito, possibility of data restoration Approved by Ministry of Finance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

However, in the explanation to the Asahi Shimbun of the Ministry's Ministry of Information Administration, the current system introduced by the Ministry in January 2013 does not have a mechanism for automatically deleting data, and staff manually input data at a computer terminal It is erasing. Data is left on the system even when the staff erase it, it is said to be overwritten with new data sequentially after two weeks.

Those who are not overwritten can be restored, but regarding the data on the negotiating process of the sale of state-owned property, the person in charge in the same room does not know what kind of shape it is left in. In order to investigate whether it can be restored, It costs money and time. " The system plans to replace it in June this year, and the dealer deletes all the data on the system at the time of replacement.

Trump regime who made "military regime" | Suzuki Kazuto | Column | Newsweek Japan Official Site

US opinion polls Syria attack support 51% opposite 40% | NHK News

Equipment, the ability of Chinese military to advance the modernization of organization: deep read channel: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/3

The beginning of the end of the Putin empire that began with a large-scale demonstration | World | latest articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Russian programmer, arrested in Spain Related to US presidential election? | World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japanese Official Site

North Korea "Total responsibility for catastrophic outcome", threatening rice with nuclear aircraft dispatch TBS NEWS

New Zealand prime minister's shocking pizza bisects the country | World | latest articles | Newsweek Japan official site

Posting Facebook that became the origin of the thing

Toshiba Announces Quarterly Financial Results Audit Opinions None: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Get monk from cheap tourists ... Chinese arrests | Nittele NEWS 24

Counter with a German brand newly strengthening vigor against Tesla's pleasure: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Population, estimated by 80.88 million people Ministry of Health and Welfare 50 years later, worker reduced by 40%: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Report on "Panama document" to the Pulitzer Prize of the year | NHK News

US United, dragging passengers - BBC News

Minister of Defense "Values ​​Valuable to Modern Education" | NHK News

North Korean cargo ship, loading up from China's largest | Reuters

A total of 95 million yen of gold bars is blowing ... three people sailor clerk attack: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yano death row prison: "I threw away the car" in the Senate ... In fact discovered Metropolitan Police Station - Mainichi Newspaper

Tokyo Newspaper: Disposing Government without denying "Specific Secret" Government, denying system improvement: Politics (TOKYO Web)

The social value of a commission business that pushes investment trusts into customers Reflects the criticism of the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency: Market Status Kabushiki 2-story building

Official decision to attract government and Osaka Expo to Official 24th to candidacy: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The strap of the train grips grip! "Health Train" operated by Kyoto Arashi - before midnight

Why did Mr. Masayoshi Son become the richest man in Japan - Agora

"Curry layered overnight" Food poisoning Caution Welsh bacteria multiplication: Asahi Shimbun Digital

KEISUI ART STUDIO | 100 A uniform plastic weighing spoon can be used as a resin mold.

Thin train railway, but the conflict with "profit of living" running: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Shizuoka city, the first population in the government ordinance city, caused by youth population estimated to be 700,000 yuan - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Osaka Castle: friendship tie-up with Daitong Castle in Brittany - Mainichi Shimbun

Dwango Kawakami talks about the company's baby boom that caused an in-house baby boom (Komazaki Hiroki) - Individual - Yahoo! News

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
I tried DeepMind's deep learning library Sonnet immediately - deep learning blog

Windows Universal application version of 'pixiv Sketch' will be available from Tuesday, April 11. It is easier and more fun to draw on PC. | PIXIV Co., Ltd.

Daily memorandum: utf8mb4_en_0900_as_cs was introduced in MySQL 8.0.1

Proposed specification of DNS over QUIC - Tomorrow's cold

Loose ~ Commentary comic "Let's learn with the idol and always introductory SSL" | Service | GMO Peepobo Co., Ltd.

What is HTTP / 2 good for? Lollipop! I tried it | lollipop! Rental Server

Electric Family Nico Gamer: Notification of curation function & application finished | Nico Nico Info

Windows Vista support ended today on April 11! No new security updates in the future - MdN Design Interactive - Comprehensive information site of design and graphics

"My driveway" of about 30 km long in Japan! The cars that go and go are also out of the standard, why was it possible? (8 images) | Riding news

I will study Aunt Ruby! I think that I will study Ruby along with my elementary school son - Mom is slobbing

I can not ask you "IoT (Mono's Internet)" It's refreshing with a super friendly 15 figures! - XERA

TensorFlow reinforced again! It is! Appearance of deep learning library "sonnet" - Study of "machine learning", "signal analysis", "deep learning"

About the matter of World Press. - Have fun doing the best!

Study how to write affiliate blogs from career change articles in Net Newsletter - Natsumi's blog

Recommended for large numbers of web meetings! Release high sensitivity USB microphone that can pick up a wide range of sounds. | News Releases - Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

【Yuri !!! on ICE Blu-ray & DVD 6 volume bonus footage】 Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX "Welcome to The Madness" PV - YouTube

As a cartoonist grabbed a dream and issued a manga red stamp | NHK News

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
For the professional baseball, the lifetime batting percentage of 30% is 24 people in history. The reason why Ichiro is not first place ... .... - Professional Baseball - Number Web - Number

Iwakuma "1/2530" bad luck rescue team 9 times 7 losses Goodbye loss - Sponichi Annex baseball

"If - if Giants were ○ ○" Special movie "GIANTS × FOOTBALL" Hen - YouTube

"If - if the Giants were ○ ○" Special movie "GIANTS × BASKETBALL" Hen - YouTube

Lotte Ice "BIG Suicaver" and the manga "GIANT KILLING" collaborate! Start selling limited package from 24th: Domestica blog

【Data preview】 Champions League 8 strong crash! Where is the match in numbers? | Football King

Astonished by a supporter who is too hot! "I showed German football culture" "I pray for never in Japan!": Footballnet [Football summary]

Mao Blog | Mao Asada Official Website

April 10, 2017 (Monday)
I will report it.

Suddenly, I, Asa Mao, decided to finish as a figure skater.

Until now, I think that I was able to skate for a long time because I had overcome many things, because there was support and support from many people.

The Sochi Olympic season 's world championship was finished with the best performances and results. If I had finished athlete at that time, I may have wanted to return as a player now. There were lots of things I do not know unless I actually do as a player.

After returning, I could not put out the performance and results I wanted, and I got more trouble.

And after finishing the last Japan 's All - Japan Championships, the goals that have supported him until then have disappeared and my own energy to continue as a player has also disappeared. It was such a decision, but my figure skating life has no regrets.

This was a big decision for me, but I think that it is one passing point in my life. I want to find new dreams and targets in the future and keep moving forward without forgetting a smile.

Everyone, thank you so much for all your support, so far.

Mao Asada

Mao teaching coach Sato "great skater" Report directly before announcing tears hugs / sports / daily sports online

Mao retirement, voice even from abroad Wagner "I changed the way skating progress" / Figure - Sports - SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

Hanyu Yuri "I will always be my longing person" From retirement · Mao thanks / Sports / Daily Sports online

Asada Mao Idol on ice that was "stubborn" to the end - Figure: Daily Sports

Nobuyuki Oda takes over as manager of the Ice Skating Club at Kansai University | NHK News

Goro Maru, to Toulon departure! Chairperson "Do not Keep": Sports Notification

New Japan · Okada, Shibata 's next challenger who will clamor the subdural hematoma "Fujiku" is "Muca Tsuku" / Fight / Daily Sports online

However, when Shibata got a question about having undergone surgery after being diagnosed as subdural hematoma, silence for a while in order to trick up what it squeezes. Mr. Shibata was seriously serious, but I promised to do it again, so please keep it in mind so I'd like to tell you "I sent a message wishing for a resurgence.

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
The popular flavor of the thick fruit ice series became delicious and came back! "Ice Box Dense Fruit Ice " April 17 (Monday) Limited New Release | 2017 | News Release | Morinaga

Lotte × PABLO "Pie nut >" will be released from Tuesday, April 18, 2017. | Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo)

Lotte × PABLO "Chocolate pie " will be released from Tuesday, April 18, 2017. | Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo)

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