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Almost all of the data stored and shared on the Internet is accumulated. And the data will be edited and updated without deleting the original one. Reddit on the online bulletin board conducted experiments on April Fools on this universal rule on the Internet.

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April Fool's reddit administratorPlaceAbove, "There is a pure white campus, you can put tiles on this, but you also have to wait for another tile to be placed. Because you can create something on the campus individually I should be able to make something with everyone "together with a comment saying, I uploaded a pure white image of 1000 x 1000 pixels (one million pixels).

Specifically, what you can do is that users who have created reddit accounts before March 31, 2017 can click on a blank campus to color their favorite pixels on campus in any color. Once you have colored on the campus you will have to wait 5 minutes before coloring the next pixel. In other words, on this pure white campus you can make something with yourself on one million pixels and make something with someone somewhere on the Internet .

And it recorded the progress and made it the movie below. At the same time as the start I started to color in the campus and Illustrations that seem to show the birthplace and hobbies preferences of individual users are visible everywhere and it disappears and repeats.

Reddit place timelapse complete - YouTube

You can check out how the mysterious project that ultimately makes a large art work that can not be made alone by people all over the world in just 72 hours can be checked from the following URL.


If you think that the British flag is placed as a rambunct ... ...

I found a huge mona lisa than that. Next to that is a link - like figure of the legend of Zelda.


Magical Girl Madoka ☆ MagicaJapanese culture etc can be found in various places.

In addition, it seems that at least 24 pixels are required to draw Roman characters at a level visible on the 1 million pixel campus, and it seems that more than 24 people cooperated in many cases to create one character. In addition, it is easy to see that many people collaborated to create one letter or sentence to monitor whether it is not modified by another user after creating a character.

Also, a lot of national flags were lined up on the completed campus, but the most interesting are the flags of Greece and Turkey. The two national flags were arranged side by side, but the neighboring part is heart shaped as follows and it seems to be a strong call to govern the battle that goes on between the two countries.

The image below visualized how many 1 million pixels on campus were repainted. A pixel stretching to the sky indicates that the pixel has been repainted more frequently.

The white part of the following campus is a pixel that the project was held for 72 hours, and the pixel was not colored at all once.

Although the American flag was painted once, it seems to be reborn again.

The flags of Germany and France were fighting to extend the territory, but the part where the two flags finally intersect was rewritten to the flag of the EU.

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